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Breaking: "Shock Exchange" Added To "Trump Syllabus K12" PDF Print E-mail
Image Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead has been added to the Trump Syllabus K12,  compiled by Kaye Wise Whitehead, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Loyola University Maryland, Alicia Moore Ph.D., and Regina Lewis, Ph.D. The Syllabus offers a lesson plan for teaching in the age of resistance under President Trump. And who better to teach it than Shock Exchange author, Ralph W. Baker, Jr.? The first few chapters describe Mr. Baker’s experience growing up in Prince Edward County, VA which was one of the five lawsuits that made up the Brown v. Board of Education decision; it was also the only case led by high school students. Mr. Baker grew up with stories about the walkout at Robert Russa Moton High School, the public school closings that followed Brown and the five-year fight to get them reopened. That five year war of attrition between Governor Harry Byrd, Mr. Baker's parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other black high school students in Prince Edward County broke the Byrd Machine, which ruled Virginia politics for over 40 years.
Valeant: Is Xifaxan In Trouble? PDF Print E-mail

Image Well Fargo's (WFC) David Maris has been one of the most accurate analyts on Valeant (VRX). That's why his recent warning on Xifaxan should alarm bulls:

Valeant already has enough Xifaxan problems without more competition for its leading med. But thanks to the FDA, that competition may be on its way sooner than the embattled drugmaker would like.

On Friday, U.S. regulators posted new guidance on what's needed for generics makers to show bioequivalence to the IBS-D fighter, and that guidance will make it "much easier" for them to do so, Wells Fargo analyst David Maris wrote in a note to clients. The agency will no longer look for a bioequivalence study with clinical endpoints in order to establish bioequivalence, making the copycat process much less risky and expensive.

"We believe this will open the door to a greater number of generic applicants, as the cost and risk of doing these BE studies is much lower than placebo controlled clinical trials," Maris wrote, noting that he thinks the likelihood of generics entering in 2023 or earlier "has just increased dramatically."

Last year Valeant's Salix had previously filed a citizen petition asking the FDA not to approve generic applications that did not include evidence that copycats' active ingredients had the same polymorph profile as Xifaxan's.

Did Kim Jong-Un's Missile Launch Just Fail? PDF Print E-mail
Image Tuesday the Dow (DIA) fell over 1% -- one of the worst one day losses during President Trump's tenure. According to Reuters North Korea had a failed missile launch Tuesday night. Not only will it hurt financial markets, but an over-reaction from the U.S. could get us into a trade war with China:
Fox Pulls Napolitano From Air After Fake Obama Report PDF Print E-mail
Image Things have just gotten real with the media, Trump, Obama, Russian spies, British spies, etc. This is not the environment to give false claims or engage in fake news. Fox News has just pulled Andrew Napolitano from the air after disavowing his on-air claims that British intelligence helped President Obama spy on Donald Trump. Sources suggest that Napolitano has been benched and will not appear on the air anytime soon. 
Gucci Mane Claps Back At "Shock Exchange" With New Autobiography PDF Print E-mail

Image Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead is the most plagiarized book in the country. It's been plagiarized by Barack Obama, the Bank of International Settlements ("BIS"), the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways & Means Committee. President Donald Trump has adopted the book's recommendations on infrastructure investing and a return to Glass-Steagall. Shock Exchange recently outed Gucci Mane for choosing Malcolm Gladwell over him as Gucci's favorite author. Never to take a slight lying down, Gucci responded with his own autobigraphy -- The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane ... it only took one day to respond too.

Minister Farrakhan Warns Trump Haters To Be Careful PDF Print E-mail

Image Donald Trump's election has brought the haters out. The Democrats are out of favor and they are salty about it. They are also happy to send the blacks to the Russian front, all under the name of embarrassing our new president. Snoop Dogg created a video feigning the assassination of Trump. Rappers Bow Wow and T.I. then verbally assaulted Trump and his wife after he clapped back and recommended jail time for Snoop. Now Minister Louis Farrakhan is asking the blacks to be careful in their attacks on Trump. If something happens to the president then authorities will run wild, and the blacks will again be on the front lines of those attacks.


In Spat With Trump Is T.I. Stuntin' For The Gram? PDF Print E-mail
Image Most politicians would rather stab you in the back, but if you come for Donald Trump you can expect an immediate clap back. Snoop Dogg's Lavender music video feigned assassinating Trump Clown, "Ronald Klump." Not taking the slight lying down, Trump feigned sadness at Snoop's failing rap career, and suggested jail time for the struggle rapper. Bow Wow took homage with Trump's disrespect and threatened to pimp out First Lady Melania Trump. Then T.I. got his dander up, and launched an instagram tirade against the president that even made me blush:
Did Trump Recommend Jail Time For Snoop's Disrespectful Video? PDF Print E-mail

Image Last week Snoop Dogg released Lavender, a new music video featuring Michael Rappaport dressed as clown Trump, "Ronald Klump." In the video Snoop feigns an assassination of clown Trump. It might not drive music sales, but it has created a lot of controversy and more publicity than Snoop has seen in years. In pure Donald Trump fashion, he clapped back, mocking the video and Snoop's failing career:

Did Gucci Mane Choose Malcolm Gladwell Over "Shock Exchange" As Favorite Author? PDF Print E-mail
Image I was watching the Breakfast recently with Chalamagne, DJ Envy and Angela and they had author, Malcolm Gladwell, as a guest. Gladwell gave his take on various subjects from music to the Trump phenomenon. Then Charlamagne mentioned that Gucci Mane listed Gladwell over Shock Exchange as his favorite author ... that got my dander up. I checked the Internet, and lo and behold, I found a bromance between Gladwell and Gucci Mane:
Why Yellen Must Hike Rates PDF Print E-mail
Image Earlier this week Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen delivered her Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to Congress. Pundits expected the report to be business as usual ... maintain the course of low interest rates until the Fed's 2% inflation target was met or exceeded. Below is what she had to say and my interpretation:
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