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Breaking: "Shock Exchange" Added To "Trump Syllabus K12" PDF Print E-mail

Image Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead has been added to the Trump Syllabus K12,  compiled by Kaye Wise Whitehead, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Loyola University Maryland, Alicia Moore Ph.D., and Regina Lewis, Ph.D. The Syllabus offers a lesson plan for teaching in the age of resistance under President Trump. And who better to teach it than Shock Exchange author, Ralph W. Baker, Jr.? The first few chapters describe Mr. Baker’s experience growing up in Prince Edward County, VA which was one of the five lawsuits that made up the Brown v. Board of Education decision; it was also the only case led by high school students. Mr. Baker grew up with stories about the walkout at Robert Russa Moton High School, the public school closings that followed Brown and the five-year fight to get them reopened. The five year war of attrition between Governor Harry Byrd, Mr. Baker's parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other black high school students broke the Byrd Machine, which had ruled Virginia politics for over 40 years.

Shock Exchange is the most influential book in the country. It's been plagiarized by Obama , the Senate Finance Committee, House Ways & Means Committee, Bank of International Settlements. Where do you think Trump's "Huuuge infrastructure investing idea" came from? 

Transocean Battens Down The Hatches PDF Print E-mail
Image According to Reuters Transocean (NYSE:RIG) is selling its shallow-water drilling rigs for $1.35 billion to Borr Drilling .... The deal includes 10 high-specification jack-ups and five newbuilds. Transocean will retain 50 rigs used for exploration in deeper waters.
Paul Ryan: "Eu Tu Jeanine Pirro?" PDF Print E-mail
Image Fox News host Jeanine Pirro states that Paul Ryan must step down as speaker of the House. He failed to deliver the necessary votes to repeal Obamacare, despite having had seven years to work on it. The Shakespearean part is that [i] President Trump tweeted for everyone to watch Jeanine's show, and [ii] Jeannine and Trump are friends. For "The Boss" to undermine Ryan through back channels appears very passive aggressive. The political infighting won't stop anytime soon, and it could potentially derail some of Trump's other policy items like tax reform and infrastructure investing. Actually, Paul Ryan should have stepped down after plagiarizing my book, Shock Exchange, which includes a unique plan to tamp down the rising cost of college.
ESPN's The Undefeated Listed 44 Influential African Americans Not Named "Shock Exchange" PDF Print E-mail
Image Race issues and racial disparities have become heightened since the Financial Crisis of 2008. ESPN's The Undefeated was started nearly a year ago to capture issues surrounding race, and hopefully generate website hits. The Undefeated recently listed its top 44 most influential African Americans in history. As you could have imagined, the list included a president and a bunch of athletes and entertainers. I was anxious to see my name and book, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead listed. After all, it is the most plagiarized book in the country, so by definition Shock Exchange is the most influential. Lo and behold, The Undefeated dissed Shock Exchange, which is an affront to economics.
Minister Farrakhan Predicted Trumpcare Would Fail PDF Print E-mail
Image The Republican healthcare plan, "Trumpcare", failed to win approval and it was an ignominious defeat of President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. The Republicans had been calling for a repeal of Obamacare for eight years now. Trump also jumped on the bandwagon; however, the Republican plan was not well thought out. The true agenda was not to devise a better plan, but to erase Obama's legacy. Minister Louis Farrakhan called the idea silly, and practically predicted it would fail. At the 39 minute mark of the following video , Farrakhan described how partisan politics was killing democracy, and trying to undo Obamacare did not represent America.
Paul Ryan: "This Is A Disappointing Day" PDF Print E-mail

Image This was a week filled with drama and anticipation from the financial markets and 25 million Americans about to lose their healthcare benefits. The Republican healthcare bill failed miserably. It was never well-thought out to be begin with. The premise was not to provide a better plan, but simply to scrap Obamacare. Now the fall out begins. House speaker Paul Ryan was blunt in defeat, "I will not sugar coat this. This is a disappointing day for us."

I knew Ryan was suspect after he and Congress plagiarized my book , Shock Exchange.

Trump's Errors Sank Republican Healthcare Bill PDF Print E-mail
Image All eyes were on President Trump and the Republican party this week. Trump's first major hurdle as president involved him killing Obamacare. The Republicans had talked up the failings of Obama, yet did not have a cogent plan to replace it. Their poorly thought out plan was their undoing. Trump's inability to parse through the good and the bad parts of Obamacare, design improvements and convey them to the public could be his undoing.
Trump Scraps Republican Healthcare Bill PDF Print E-mail
Image The Republican party has called for the repeal of Obamacare for years. It does not work ... because they said so. They have a better plan ... because they said so. President Trump also repeated the mantra. It's almost as if being president also requires one to undo any remaining vestiges of the prior administration. Trump's crusade to kill Obamacare died yesterday due to his inability to get Democrats or Republican hardliners to go along with his poorly crafted Trumpcare:
Valeant: Is Xifaxan In Trouble? PDF Print E-mail

Image Well Fargo's (WFC) David Maris has been one of the most accurate analyts on Valeant (VRX). That's why his recent warning on Xifaxan should alarm bulls:

Valeant already has enough Xifaxan problems without more competition for its leading med. But thanks to the FDA, that competition may be on its way sooner than the embattled drugmaker would like.

On Friday, U.S. regulators posted new guidance on what's needed for generics makers to show bioequivalence to the IBS-D fighter, and that guidance will make it "much easier" for them to do so, Wells Fargo analyst David Maris wrote in a note to clients. The agency will no longer look for a bioequivalence study with clinical endpoints in order to establish bioequivalence, making the copycat process much less risky and expensive.

"We believe this will open the door to a greater number of generic applicants, as the cost and risk of doing these BE studies is much lower than placebo controlled clinical trials," Maris wrote, noting that he thinks the likelihood of generics entering in 2023 or earlier "has just increased dramatically."

Last year Valeant's Salix had previously filed a citizen petition asking the FDA not to approve generic applications that did not include evidence that copycats' active ingredients had the same polymorph profile as Xifaxan's.

Did Kim Jong-Un's Missile Launch Just Fail? PDF Print E-mail
Image Tuesday the Dow (DIA) fell over 1% -- one of the worst one day losses during President Trump's tenure. According to Reuters North Korea had a failed missile launch Tuesday night. Not only will it hurt financial markets, but an over-reaction from the U.S. could get us into a trade war with China:
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