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Valeant: More Debt Than Enterprise Value PDF Print E-mail

Image In Q1 Valeant (NYSE:VRX) reduced debt by over $1 billion and increased its guidance for 2017 non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA to $3.60 - 3.75 billion from $3.55 - 3.70 billion. Otherwise, its Q1 2017 results were a disaster. Valeant now has more debt than enterprise value. The company missed on revenue by $50 million. Total revenue and EBITDA were down Q/Q by 12% and 23%, respectively. VRX is up over 40% since the earnings call. In my opinion, the surge was likely due to short covering. The company's value continues to slide. I estimate its net debt of $27.3 billion exceeds its enterprise value by $5.0 billion.

Breaking: "Shock Exchange" Added To "Trump Syllabus K12" PDF Print E-mail

Image Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead has been added to the Trump Syllabus K12,  compiled by Kaye Wise Whitehead, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Loyola University Maryland, Alicia Moore Ph.D., and Regina Lewis, Ph.D. The Syllabus offers a lesson plan for teaching in the age of resistance under President Trump. And who better to teach it than Shock Exchange author, Ralph W. Baker, Jr.? The first few chapters describe Mr. Baker’s experience growing up in Prince Edward County, VA which was one of the five lawsuits that made up the Brown v. Board of Education decision; it was also the only case led by high school students. Mr. Baker grew up with stories about the walkout at Robert Russa Moton High School, the public school closings that followed Brown and the five-year fight to get them reopened. The five year war of attrition between Governor Harry Byrd, Mr. Baker's parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other black high school students broke the Byrd Machine, which had ruled Virginia politics for over 40 years.

Shock Exchange is the most influential book in the country. It's been plagiarized by Obama , the Senate Finance Committee, House Ways & Means Committee, Bank of International Settlements. Where do you think Trump's "Huuuge infrastructure investing idea" came from? 

Virginia Students Argue To Remove Harry Byrd Statue From State Capitol PDF Print E-mail


Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead describes how kids predicted the last recession and the one on the horizon. I also chronicles author Ralph Baker's background growing up in Prince Edward County, VA where governor Harry Byrd closed the public schools from 1959 - 1964 rather than integrate according to the Brown vs Board of Education decision. Byrd ruled Virginia politics for over 40 years via the vaunted Byrd Machine. He was also thought of as being a great governor/senator and an excellent politician. However, after Shock Exchange, "Byrd" will become synonymous with a curse word in the state of Virginia. Now Virginia high school students are debating whether or not to remove Byrd's statue from the state capitol. Wow! Look how far my state has come.

Valeant's Q1 Was A Disaster PDF Print E-mail
Image Valeant (NYSE:VRX) reported Q1 earnings Tuesday morning and results were worst than I expected. The company reported revenue of $2.11 billion and adjusted net income of $273 million. Valeant missed on revenue by $50 million, yet increased its guidance for 2017 non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA to $3.60 - 3.75 billion from $3.55 - 3.70 billion. VRX closed up over 20%.

2 Questions Will Crush Valeant Tuesday PDF Print E-mail

Image Analysts expect Valeant (NYSE:VRX) to report Q1 revenue of $2.2 billion and eps of $0.83. The revenue estimate implies an 8% decline sequentially. A free fall in revenue and EBITDA is expected, so Q1 earnings likely will not matter.  Two questions will crush Valeant Tuesday. I doubt analysts will have the backbone to ask them. Secondly, I doubt management will answer them. However, they will continue to haunt the company for the rest of 2017.


Valeant: Twitter Poll Chooses Tim Seymour Over Shocking The Street PDF Print E-mail

Last week CNBC had its biggest stock draft ever. CNBC's Tim Seymour chose Valeant (VRX) as his team's stock of choice. Apparently, Valeant has "great franchises" and "optionality" that "puts me over the top." Seymour also thinks Valeant is cheap given that the stock is down 75% Y/Y.  Everybody knows Shocking The Street , an enhanced investment service in partnership with Seeking Alpha, is the resident expert on Valeant. Shocking The Street says Valeant is insolvent by a large amount. In a recent Twitter Poll 73% of respondents voted for Tim Seymour versus 20% for Shocking The Street. The results prove President Trump's theory - the media is fake news.

Obama Just Sealed France's Presidential Election For Marine Le Pen PDF Print E-mail
Image Thursday Barack Obama endorsed Emmuanuel Macron in his campaign to defeat Marine Le Pen in France's presidential race. Obama has taken strong positions on the goings on in the U.K., Italy and now France. That seems rather odd because he never takes a strong position on anything. He strongly suggested that the U.K. vote to remain in the European Union ("EU"); he even intimated that the U.K, could fall out of favor as a U.S. trading partner if Brexit became a reality. He backed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in his attempts to implement austerity measures in Italy. Both Obama-backed candidates in the U.K. and Italy lost. That could only mean one thing, "Bad Luck Schleprock" just sealed the French presidential election for Le Pen.
North Korea Says CIA And South Korea Attempt To Assassinate Kim Jong Un PDF Print E-mail
Image The Trump administration and North Korea have been at odds for months now. In an act of defiance, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un continues to test nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un could reach South Korea and Japan, but we are uncertain if he has the capability to hit the U.S. We would like to halt his nuclear ambitions before that happens. North Korea is now reporting that the CIA and South Korea attempted to assassinate Kim Jon Un with a biochemical substance:
Obama Endorses Emannuel Macron Over Le Pen PDF Print E-mail
Image The French election in now front and center on the world stage. The repeal of Obamacare, war in Syria, tete-a-tete with North Korea and pending global recession will take a back seat. France is important because it could be another blow to the global elite who have feasted on government policies designed for their benefit since the Financial Crisis of 2008. Governments central bankers have practically handed trillions in aid to hedge fund managers, private equity firms and investment bankers while the populace has had to fend for itself. Barack Obama endorsed Emmanuel Macron who has been propped up by the elite establishment:
Elizabeth Warren Accuses Obama Of Selling Out To Wealthy Elites PDF Print E-mail
Image President Obama has been out of office less than six months and he is already cashing in. He and his wife signed a $60 million book deal and he garnered a $400K speaking fee to Wall Street. The speaking fee got the dander up of both Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. While many Americans are still suffering after the Financial Crisis of 2008, Obama helped the rich cash in and now he is drinking from the trough. In an interview with The Guardian, Warren went so far as accusing Obama of kicking Americans in the teeth:
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