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Brown V. Board of Ed: "Shock Exchange" Ensures Prince Edward County, VA Will Never Be Forgotten PDF Print E-mail

Source: Moton Museum, Farmville VA

May 17th marked the 62nd anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision which integrated public schools in the U.S. The Brown decision was several decades in the making. It took the efforts of several lawyers, lawmakers and brave students and parents to stand up against segregated schools. The red herring in Brown was that states were supposed to integrate "with all due speed." It also took several years to actually integrate schools after the decision was rendered. The other misnomer is that the Brown decision was one case; it was actually five cases. One of the cases was Davis v. Prince Edward County, VA -- the county where I grew up. 

Will Warriors Protect Steph Curry By Having Iquodala Guard Westbrook? PDF Print E-mail

ImageRussell Westbrook struggled in the first half of Game 1 of the WFC against the Warriors. He had three points in the first half, but hung 24 on Golden State in the second. He blew past Klay Thompson for finishes at the rim and cooked Steph Curry from mid-range. He put jumpers in Steph's eye and single-handedly willed the Thunder back from a 13 point deficit. Steph wanted none of that action, prompting one journalist to ponder if the warriors would "protect" Steph by putting Andre Iguodala on Russ:

Video: Steph Curry Claps Back At LeBron PDF Print E-mail

Steph Curry was named unanimous MVP of the NBA this year, the first ever to do it. When you think of dominant players -- Jordan, Wilt, Bird, Magic, Shaq, LeBron -- none ever one unanimous MVPs. For some reason Steph Curry isn't the first player to come to mind, yet he is the only one to ever accomplish the feat. Agreed, awards are subjective and can at times be a popularity contest. When asked about this year's voting, LeBron James said something to effect that "The MVP is not necessarily the best player in the L." Of course, Steph had to clap back:

Refs Miss Russell Westbrook Traveling Violation Late In Game 1 PDF Print E-mail
The OKC Thunder upended the Golden State Warriors 108-102 in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The game actually hung in the balance late. OKC was up by three points with 22 seconds left. Succumbing under feverish defensive pressure from the Warriors, Russell Westbrook traveled right in front of the Warriors bench. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was furious. 
Russell Westbrook, OKC Bully Golden State In Game 1 PDF Print E-mail
ImageThe OKC Thunder punched Golden State in the mouth in Game 1 of their Western Conference Finals, and the Warriors had no answer. Russell Westbrook scored 20 of his game high 27 points in the 3rd quarter. Of note is how he did it. Russ blew past Klay Thompson for lay ups at the rim and physically dominated Steph Curry ... backing him down and shooting mid-range jumpers right in his face. He put his stamp on this game and sent a message to the Warriors, "You're not the bully ... I'm the bully." OKC bullied their way to a 108-102 victory.
Steph Curry Drops 40 In Epic Night PDF Print E-mail

ImageSteph Curry came into Game 4 of the Warriors' playoff series with Portland with a Grade 1 MCL sprain. Steph Curry was the first NBA MVP to come off the bench in a playoff series, and he made the Portland Trailblazers pay for it. Curry scored 17 of his 40 points in overtime to give the Warriors a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference semifinals. He also had eight assists and nine rebounds in the 132 - 125 victory. 

The Blacks Dragged Rachel Dolezal. Now She Has A Book Deal. PDF Print E-mail
ImageCivil Rights activist Rachel Dolezal created a firestorm last year when she was accused of "passing as black." Dolezal was the President of the NAACP in Spokane WA when her biological parents called her out for misrepresenting her true heritage. She was interviewed by KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane and thoroughly embarrassed for lying on camera that a black man was her father. Dolezal later resigned from the NAACP and was released from teaching Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University. The African American community dragged Dolezal at every turn, and the more they harped the more publicity Dolezal received. She has appeared on the Melissa Harris Perry Show, Today Show, and the BBC, amongst others. She has now parlayed her notoriety into a book deal with independent publisher BenBella Books.
Delaware Girl Fatally Jumped In School Bathroom PDF Print E-mail

ImageAmy Joyner, a 16 year old high school student from Wilmington Delaware, was fatally jumped in the girls bathroom pursuant to an argument over a boy. Apparently, a boy had showed interest in Amy and the former object of his affection wanted to fight. Amy tried to talk it out, but no avail. The girl attacked Amy and Amy let her hands go. When Amy got the best of the aggressor a group of other girls entered the fray and ganged up on Amy. They slammed her head into the bathroom sink and left her laying there. Amy was airlifted to a local hospital where she later died. The attackers taped the fight on their cell phones and distributed it over social media. Somebody needs to pay for this. 

Larry Wilmore Shows His ___ At White House Correspondents Dinner PDF Print E-mail
ImagePresident Obama has given several African Americans a chance to be in the spotlight during his presidency. You hardly ever saw black journalists in the crowd during a presidential briefing, let alone have one called on to ask a question. However, the blacks may have taken their access to the White House for granted by shucking and jiving. Friday a black reporter asked the President to comment on Donald Trump's Taco Bowl tweet. Is that the best black journalists can do. A week earlier comedian Larry Wilmore played himself at the White House Correspondents' Dinner by referring to the President as a racial slur.
Laramey Tunsil Bong Video Costs Him Millions PDF Print E-mail
ImageNFL draft day is always full of surprises. Some players are over-hyped and fall further than one expected. Others are drafted higher than expected due to teams' obfuscating their true intentions. The true 2016 draft will live in infamy after a leaked video of Ole Miss offensive guard Laremy Tunsil smoking marijuana via a gas mask. I know college kids used drugs, but my goodness! Tunsil was expected to go number one but fell to Miami at number 13. The video cost Tunsil millions in guaranteed signing bonus money. 
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