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Nate Diaz Punishes Conor McGregor At UFC 196 PDF Print E-mail
Nate Diaz took his UFC 196 bout against Conor McGregor on 11 days notice. Imagine if he had trained for it. Bloodied, but unbowed, Diaz took "The Great White Hype's" best shots over two rounds. However, when Diaz returned the favor with sharp counter strikes that seemed to pierce through McGregor's soul, The Hype had no answer. Conor pulled guard and took the fight to the mat -- that was silly -- where Diaz choked him out. What a fight!
Miesha Take Puts Holly Holm To Sleep In The 5th. Cray Cray! PDF Print E-mail
From the start Miesha Tate fought a tactical fight. She made Holly Holm -- a natural counter puncher -- come to her. She kept her distance and refused to get caught flush by strikes or head kicks. She took Holly Holm down in the second round and nearly submitted her with a rear naked choke. Rounds three and four probably went to Holm. In the fifth round Tate waited for Holm to attempt a strike and countered with a take down. She got the rear naked choke in and submitted her in an improbable finish. Cray cray!
Video: DMX Intro For Conor McGregor V. Nate Diaz PDF Print E-mail

UFC 196 is going to be off the hook. Fresh off her bully beat down of Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm takes on Mesha Tate. This is setting up for the proverbial "trap match" as Holm could understandably looking forward to slapping Rousey up beside the head again. The headliner will be Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz. McGregor is stepping up in weight, which means a lot more risk.

Based On Liquidation Value Weatherford Is Insolvent PDF Print E-mail
ImageWeatherford International kept hope alive this week with a $565 million equity raise. The offering will allow the company to meet its $350 million principal payment that was due last month, and ironically, which the company said it could pay with existing cash flow. With an equity market capitalization of nearly $5 billion, the company's valuation has gotten ahead of itself. Given Weatherford's declining EBITDA and high debt load, liquidation value may be a better metric. I believe its inventory ($1.1B), PP&E ($5.7B), intangibles and non-current assets ($3.5B) are impaired. These assets are where the lion's share of the marks take place. Even with its $565 million equity raise Weatherford is insolvent.
Video: Katt "Black Conor McGregor" Williams Challenges Kevin Hart PDF Print E-mail
Katt Williams is funny as all get out. He like the guy in high school who when he walks by you immediately start checking your clothes and your haircut to ensure he doesn't have any fodder to work with, "Please don't say anything about my pleather coat ... please." Kev is ubiquitous -- in movies, commercials, at the NBA All-Star game, etc. Katt is apparently salty over it, calling Kev a puppet -- Conor McGregor-style:
Video: Hillary Dismisses Another Young Black Girl PDF Print E-mail
African Americans love them some Hillary Clinton. She has trounced Bernie Sanders in the South on the strength of the Black vote. However, young people may not be as enamored with Hillary as older blacks who were sold a dream by Hillary and her husband in the '90s. The Clintons put black faces in high places and made blacks feel good about themselves. However, younger voters are asking Hillary tough questions on mass incarceration and her inability to speak to problems of today; Hillary has been dismissive too. Her appeal to Democrats is that she's a "pragmatist" and "electable." If those are code words for (i) dismissing voters on real issues and (ii) cow towing to Wall Street then this country could be in trouble.
Black Lives Matter Activist Interrupts Hillary At Private Event In South Carolina PDF Print E-mail
The best way to measure a person's character is how he/she treats people he/she doesn't want anything from. Hillary Clinton was totally dismissive of Ashley Williams, a Black Lives Matter activist who took her to task over mass incarceration and for referring to blacks as "Super Predator." Hillary simply said, "Thank you very much ... Back to the issues." Ashley doesn't pay Hillary $250k per pop for speaking engagements like Wall Street does. 
Video: Black Students Forced To Leave Trump Rally. Ridiculous! PDF Print E-mail

Black students from Valdosta University were ejected by a Secret Service agent who said Trump asked that they be removed. to be removed. The students, in tears, felt they were being singled out because they were black. This had to be a traumatic experience for the kids, "It just shows you how racist our own school is."This is ridiculous, but it won't end. Trump is reaching disaffected white voters and it could deliver him the presidency.

Ben Carson - One Less Troll To Deal With PDF Print E-mail
I found it hard to believe that Ben Carson was ever a GOP front runner. I never saw what his value-added was. He wasn't overly charismatic and he didn't have a long history of as a politics. Other than his ability to throw shade at blacks without being called racist, I couldn't see the appeal. Now Carson has come to that same conclusion. He finally threw in the towel this week on his train wreck of a campaign:
Aubrey McClendon, OKC Thunder Owner, Dead Of A Car Accident PDF Print E-mail

ImageChesapeake Energy co-founder and part-owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Aubrey McClendon, was indicted for bid rigging on Tuesday. He was found in dead in a car crash by Wednesday. Police said he rammed his car into a wall at a "high rate of speed."


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