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Brexit Shocks The World! PDF Print E-mail

Cassius Clay shocked Sonny Liston to take the heavyweight crown (circa 1964)

When I think of upsets NC State's victory over Houston in the 1983 NCAA National Championship game and Cassius Clay's 1964 shocker over Sonny Liston for the heavyweight championship come to mind. Now add Brexit to the list. With over 95% of the votes tallied the U.K. will leave the European Union by a 52% to 48% margin. Global markets cratered on the news. In early morning trading the Dow Jones (Private:DJI) was down 3.5%, the FTSE (NYSEARCA:VWO) was down 8.6% and the Shanghai Composite was off 1.7%.

Britain's "Donald Trump" Calls Brexit A Victory For Ordinary People PDF Print E-mail
ImageBrexit shocked the world on Thursday night and global markets cratered the next day. London markets were down over 7% while the Dow Jones was of over 3%. The UK referendum prompted PM David Cameron to resign. It was also a shot across the bow the central bankers and "career politicians" that the populace would no longer stand by while governments provide trillions in reparations to Wall Street while the rest of the world suffers. At least that was my take on Nigel Farage's Brexit victory speech which brought tears to my eyes.
Draymond "Rufus R. Freight Train Green" Suspended For Game 5 Of NBA Finals PDF Print E-mail
The Golden State Warriors roared past the Cleveland Cavaliers 108 - 97 in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The "Splash Brothers had not played well the entire series, yet the Warriors were still up 2-1 going into Friday's match up. They combined for 63 points and the Cavaliers had no answer. They also had no answer for the Warriors' 17 3-pointers -- an NBA Finals record. The situation appears dire for Cleveland who will be hard-pressed to come back from a 3-1 deficit. However, Draymond "Rufus R. Freight Train" Green committed a "Flagrant 1" foul ( http://espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2016/story/_/id/16151747/draymond-green-golden-state-warriors-suspended-game-5-nba-finals-cleveland-cavaliers ) for punching LeBron in the groin and has subsequently been suspended for Game 5:
Breaking! Lil B Curses D'Angelo Russell PDF Print E-mail
ImageSports Nation interviewed the rapper Lil B to get an update on who is and isn't cursed. James Harden was cursed for doing the "cooking dance" and not citing Lil B as the original source. Harden hasn't been the same since. He and the Rockets were crushed last year's playoffs by the Warriors. They missed the playoffs completely in 2016 after a year of infighting. Rumors swirled that Harden got Coach Kevin McHale fired and lobbied to get Dwight Howard traded. The curse is still on Kevin Durant, evidenced by OKC's unraveling after a 3-1 playoff series lead against the Warriors. Unfortunately for the Lakers, Lil B added D'Angelo "Secret Squirrel" Russell to the list for dry-snitching on Nick Young.
Warriors Get Cooked In Game 3 PDF Print E-mail
ImageThey say the NBA Finals don't begin until someone loses at home. The Cavaliers got blown out in the first two games of the series. It wasn't just that they lost, but how they lost. Shaun Livingston hung 20 points on the Cavs in Game 1, while Draymond Green had a big night in Game 2. The Cavaliers' defense was porous seemed to take their beating lying down. In Game 3 they punched the Warriors early and often. They also got big contributions from Kyrie (30 points) and JR Smith (20 points).
Stanford Rapist Gets Six Months. Where's Bill Clinton? PDF Print E-mail
ImageFormer Stanford swimmer Brock Turner received a six month jail sentence for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford University. Prosecutors sought 10 years in prison, which was not the maximum penalty. Nonetheless, in March Turner was convicted of three felony sex abuse charges and received six months in prison and three years probation. The case has sparked a national outrage. Meanwhile, one-in-three black men in America is locked up simply for being black. Where's Bill Clinton when you need him to be tough on crime?
Video: Bill Clinton Cites "Shock Exchange" In Tete-A-Tete With Black Lives Matter PDF Print E-mail

In April Bill Clinton was in Philadelphia stumping for his wife, Hillary. Black Lives Matters protesters tried to engage him in a discussion on mass incarceration -- touched off when Clinton was president -- and Bill couldn't help but take the bait. To arm himself against the protesters, Clinton pulled stats from the critically acclaimed, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted The Great Recession And The Pain Ahead. Check the video at the 1:20 minute mark:

Floyd Patterson To Muhammad Ali: "Reeek. My Name Is Reek!" PDF Print E-mail


It was sad week after the passing of Muhammad Ali.The greatest heavyweight champion of all time was great inside and outside the ring. The memories he created are endless. He practically lived two lives -- one as Cassius Clay and another as Muhammad Ali, the name he chose after converting to Islam. Many of his feats took place before I was even born. One was his vanquishing of former champ Floyd Patterson. Patterson refused to call Ali by his chosen name, and constantly called him "Clay" -- his slave name. My father often said "Clay punished Patterson for it."

Who Will Draymond "Rufus R. Freight Train" Green Hurt In Game 5? PDF Print E-mail
ImageDraymond "Rufus R. Freight Train" Green and the Golden State Warriors have been all over the news this past year. After the Warriors' record-breaking 73-9 season, the media has not been able to get enough of the Warriors. Green has been the chosen spokesman for the team. He gives them "energy." He chastises Steph Curry and Klay Thompson when they don't play well. He was voted an NBA All-Star and played H-O-R-S-E with Kevin Hart. His Beats commercial is on repeat during the playoffs. Then reality hit. He got hammered in the playoffs by OKC's Stephen Adams and Enes Kanter. To compensate for his lack of size and talent he resorted to dirty tactics.
Ignore Gabelli; Weatherford International Is Insolvent PDF Print E-mail
The rout in oil prices turned the former U.S. energy boom into a nightmare. Firms like Weatherford International (NYSE:WFT) appear to be the most vulnerable if oil prices stay lower for longer. In March the company shored up its capital base with a $630 million equity raise. After dismal Q1 results we now know why the company was so eager to raise equity. Revenue and EBITDA fell Q/Q by 21% and 57%, respectively. The company also experienced negative free cash flow as it had trouble collecting on receivables and inventory. Nonetheless, in a recent Barron's article Gabelli & Co. suggested WFT could rise to $13, more than double its current price of $5.28.
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