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The Blacks Dragged Rachel Dolezal. Now She Has A Book Deal. PDF Print E-mail
ImageCivil Rights activist Rachel Dolezal created a firestorm last year when she was accused of "passing as black." Dolezal was the President of the NAACP in Spokane WA when her biological parents called her out for misrepresenting her true heritage. She was interviewed by KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane and thoroughly embarrassed for lying on camera that a black man was her father. Dolezal later resigned from the NAACP and was released from teaching Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University. The African American community dragged Dolezal at every turn, and the more they harped the more publicity Dolezal received. She has appeared on the Melissa Harris Perry Show, Today Show, and the BBC, amongst others. She has now parlayed her notoriety into a book deal with independent publisher BenBella Books.
Delaware Girl Fatally Jumped In School Bathroom PDF Print E-mail

ImageAmy Joyner, a 16 year old high school student from Wilmington Delaware, was fatally jumped in the girls bathroom pursuant to an argument over a boy. Apparently, a boy had showed interest in Amy and the former object of his affection wanted to fight. Amy tried to talk it out, but no avail. The girl attacked Amy and Amy let her hands go. When Amy got the best of the aggressor a group of other girls entered the fray and ganged up on Amy. They slammed her head into the bathroom sink and left her laying there. Amy was airlifted to a local hospital where she later died. The attackers taped the fight on their cell phones and distributed it over social media. Somebody needs to pay for this. 

Larry Wilmore Shows His ___ At White House Correspondents Dinner PDF Print E-mail
ImagePresident Obama has given several African Americans a chance to be in the spotlight during his presidency. You hardly ever saw black journalists in the crowd during a presidential briefing, let alone have one called on to ask a question. However, the blacks may have taken their access to the White House for granted by shucking and jiving. Friday a black reporter asked the President to comment on Donald Trump's Taco Bowl tweet. Is that the best black journalists can do. A week earlier comedian Larry Wilmore played himself at the White House Correspondents' Dinner by referring to the President as a racial slur.
Laramey Tunsil Bong Video Costs Him Millions PDF Print E-mail
ImageNFL draft day is always full of surprises. Some players are over-hyped and fall further than one expected. Others are drafted higher than expected due to teams' obfuscating their true intentions. The true 2016 draft will live in infamy after a leaked video of Ole Miss offensive guard Laremy Tunsil smoking marijuana via a gas mask. I know college kids used drugs, but my goodness! Tunsil was expected to go number one but fell to Miami at number 13. The video cost Tunsil millions in guaranteed signing bonus money. 
President Obama Begged Wanda Sykes Not To Use Racial Slur White House Correspondents' Dinner PDF Print E-mail
Larry Wilmore created a lot of controversy at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner, which was probably his goal. I thought Wilmore's monologue was hilarious, up unto the point he referred to President Obama as a racial slur. It was pure ignant. President Obama gave Wilmore and other African Americans a chance to shine and this is how Wilmore repays him? The President tried to play off the incident, but he was clearly hurt. There has been much debate over whether Wimore was out of line or simply "using barber shop talk." Prior to the 2009 Correspondents' Dinner the President begged Wanda Sykes not to use any racial slurs to embarrass him. Let that sink in.
That Time A Black Reporter Ask President Obama About Trump Taco Tweets? PDF Print E-mail
President Obama recently claimed to have saved the global economy from depression; we don't believe him, he needs more people. Two days after the Shock Exchange debunked Mr. Obama's claims he held a press conference and talked up infrastructure investing to spur the U.S. economy. During the press conference the president gave a black reporter a chance to ask the first questio; this fool had the nerve to ask Mr. Obama about Donald Trump's taco tweets. Really?
Weatherford Headwinds: Revolver Cut, Negative Cash Flow PDF Print E-mail

Weatherford International (NYSE:WFT) delivered Q1 earnings yesterday. The company reported revenue of $1.59 billion and a loss per share of $0.29. Analysts were expecting revenue of $1.66 billion. North America was hideous. After Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) warned on the dismal outlook for North America, I suspected the region would not be good for Weatherford. The U.S. rig count is at or near record lows which portends a decline in equipment spending. Many shale plays are heavily-indebted and need to cut costs in order to service their debt. That may mean squeezing suppliers like Weatherford.

Pacers Post A Picture Of Terence Ross As Motivation For Game 7 PDF Print E-mail
The Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors tip off later tonight for Game 7 of their first round play off series. The Raptors missed a golden opportunity to close out the series in Toronto in Game 6. During half time Drake held a free concert ( http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/04/drake-free-concert-game-6-raptors-pacers-jurassic-park-toronto ) in the 6 to get the crowd fired up, but it was to no avail as the Pacers  There has been lots of drama involving Drake ragging on the Pacers from the sidelines and generally showing team spirit. That said, there hasn't been much "bulletin board material" during the series until now. Paul George says ( http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/04/drake-free-concert-game-6-raptors-pacers-jurassic-park-toronto ) the pressure is on the Raptors, given their inability to make it out of the first round of the playoffs. 
National Oilwell Varco - Bulls' Worst Fear Has Been Confirmed PDF Print E-mail
National Oilwell Varco's (NYSE:NOV) revenue and earnings have been ravaged by the rout in oil prices. To stem cash burn the company announced it was cutting its dividend by 89% from $0.46 to $0.05 per share. Management highlighted that the free fall in the oil & gas E&P warranted the dividend cut. The fact that E&P has fallen so rapidly could portend that a recovery in capex could be just has rapid. However, analysts do not expect industry capex to increase until next year. 2016 could be a tough year for NOV. The news removes an important catalyst for the stock as the dividend allows longs to stomach the ups and downs of the oil patch until oil prices rebound. 
Cardell Hayes' Defense Attorney Says Saints' Will Smith Was The Aggressor PDF Print E-mail

This man has a lot of 'splaining to do
The murder of Saints' Will Smith gets more bizarre by the hour. According to John Fuller -- the lawyer for accused killer Cardell Hayes -- claims that Will Smith was the aggressor ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bDODI8TXPA ). Fuller claims Hayes' Hummer was rear-ended and the driver drove off. Hayes called 911 to report the accident an followed the said vehicle. At some point there was an altercation between Smith and Hayes that led to the fatal shooting. 

The accident was much bigger than that. There may have been an earlier accident in which one of the parties sped off ... My client followed to get their information and also made a 911 call ... all of which should be apparent in the upcoming weeks.

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