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Keith Scott's Wife Releases Video Of Execution By Charlotte PD PDF Print E-mail

Friday Keith Scott's wife, Rakeyia Scott, released the chilling video of Scott's execution by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department ("CMPD"). Apparently, the cops were in Scott's apartment complex to serve a warrant on somebody. Scott was waiting outside for his son's school bus and for some reason became a person of interest for the cops.

Tulsa Cop Who Shot Terrence Crutcher Charged With First Degree Murder PDF Print E-mail

The killing of Terence Crutcher by Betty Shelby, a Tulsa police officer, made national headlines and is moving at a rapid pace. The dash cam video showed Crutcher walking towards his car with his hands up. Shelby and three other officers followed him with their guns drawn. Crutcher appeared to have reached into the car window when he was tased by one officer and then shot and killed by Shelby. Thursday the Tulsa district attorney's office accused Shelby of first-degree manslaughter.

Terence Crutcher Shot By Tulsa Police After His Car Broke Down PDF Print E-mail
Friday evening Terence Crutcher was coming home from night classes at Tulsa Community College when his car broke down on the highway. Police officers responding to the call, Betty Shelby and Tyler Turnbough, said Crutcher was did not obey their orders and was reaching into his car before they tasered and shot him. However, the following video shows Crutcher will his hands up and walking slowly to his car.
Video: Congressman Hakeem Jeffries Gives Sherriff Clarke His Comeuppance PDF Print E-mail

Image Police killings, mass incarceration, Black Lives Matter, protesting the anthem, et. al, have captured the public consciousness. To counteract criticisms of police misconduct, the mainstream media has dragged out former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke. They have consistently argued that "Blacks don't protest when blacks kill other blacks," and "I've saved more black lives than Black Lives Matters." Others have issued death threats against protesters. Brooklyn Congressman recently took Sherriff Clarke to task over his constant chirping about "black on black crime," global warming, white on white crime, the Washington Redskins quarterback saga and other things that have nothing to do with black oppression.

George Washington's Mike Lonergan To Player, "Join A Transgender League" PDF Print E-mail

ImageGeorge Washington coach Mike Lonergan was allegedly axed over the weekend for verbal and emotional abuse of the players. A men's player complained to an on-campus Title IX coordinator in April; George Washington launched an investigation in July and gave Lonergan the axe just two months later. Allegations include repeated graphics remarks about the school's athletic director, Patrick Nero, and a criticism of Seton Hall's Derrick Gordon -- the first openly gay men's college basketball player.

Miami Police To Boycott If Dolphins Kneel For National Anthem PDF Print E-mail

Colin Kaepernick's decision to protest the national anthem due to the oppression of blacks has created a firestorm. The Broncos' Brandon Marshall joined Kaepnick in his protest; he lost endorsement deals in the process. A youth football team in Beaumont, TX received death threats for following Colin's lead. Kenny Stills, Arian Foster, Michael Thomas and Jelani Jenkins of the Miami Dolphins kneeled during the first game of the season. Miami's police department is threatening to boycott if they kneel during the anthem against the Patriots.

29 People Injured After Intentional Explosion In New York PDF Print E-mail
Dozens of people were injured in the Chelsea section of New York in which is being called an intentional explosion by New York mayor Bill DeBlasio. The major stopped short of calling it a terrorist attack. At least 29 people were injured -- one seriously. The exact nature and cause of the explosion had not been determined. The NYC counterterrorism bureau responded to the blast which came hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a Jersey Shore garbage can.
Elizabeth Warren: "Bankers Aren't Too Big To Jail" PDF Print E-mail
ImageEight years after the Financial Crisis and Senator Elizabeth Warren is still steaming mad. The U.S. is the world's most-incarcerated country. One-in-three black men are locked up simply for being black, yet no investment banker has been jailed for the securities fraud that occurred amid the Financial Crisis. Senator Warren went on another rant to shed light on the matter. This time the target was Wells Fargo after its notorious consumer bilking scandal.
Texas Youth Football Team Receives Death Threats Over Anthem Protests PDF Print E-mail

The San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick has created a national dialogue with his protest  is prof the national anthem. Kaepernick has vowed not to honor a flag the oppresses people. Now a youth football team from Beaumont, TX has followed Kaepernick's lead. The team and the coaching staff kneeled and placed their hands on each others' shoulders when the anthem was played. They wanted to show solidarity with Kaepernick and others across the country who were kneeling to bring attention to the oppression of blacks across the country. They received death threats for their efforts.

George Washingon Coach Mike Lonergan Fired For Abusing Players PDF Print E-mail
ImageAfter an internal investigation of claims of player abuse, George Washington coach Mike Lonergan was reportedly fired Friday by the university. The source spoke anonymously since the school as not officially announced the firing. The source also said the coaching staff was alerted on Friday that Lonergan had gotten the axe. In April a George Washington player complained to an on-campus Title IX coordinator about verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of Lonergan; this prompted George Washington launched an investigation in July.
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