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WABC - TV's Ken Rosato Gives "Shock Exchange" Some Shine PDF Print E-mail

ImageThree weeks ago I received the news that WABC-TV wanted to feature my new book, "Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids from Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead". I was rather relaxed a first, but after I realized WABC-TV was actually Channel 7, and the interview was with the famed Ken Rosato, my pulse quickened. I surmised, "This is either going to go extremely well or be an epic fail ... no in between." I immediately began re-reading the book to refresh my memory and preparing some key talking points I felt an audience would like to know. I had already done a few local radio spots, but this was Channel 7 ... the most popular channel in New York City - the largest city in the world. This was huge.

Ralph and Ralphie on BK Live PDF Print E-mail

Image Five years ago Executive Director Ralph Baker and board member David Neverson appeared on BCAT's In The Zone to discuss the unique way in which the New York Shock Exchange blended basketball and financial literacy. Today, financial literacy, which the Shock Exchange helped pioneer, is all the rage, and BCAT is making plans to become a 24-hour cable station. Recently, Mr. Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahea0d, and his son Ralph III discussed the new book on BK Live with Micheal Bellamy. We discussed everything from our "bottoms up" analysis of stocks (P/E ratio, earnings growth rate) to our "top down analysis" (leading economic indicators) to how we predicted the Great Recession.

RIP Amiri Baraka PDF Print E-mail

ImageAmiri Baraka, one of the most influential African-American writers of his generation, died Thursday at a hospital in Newark, NJ after a prolonged illness. The poet and activist pioneered the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s. He began writing in the 1950s under his original name of LeRoi Jones. He became a follower of Malcolm X and advocate of black nationalism. Baraka's early writing was powerful, provocative, "in your face" and reflected black pride and nationalism that was popular during that time. According to the Washington Post:


Javarris Crittendon Caught Out There Again PDF Print E-mail
When it rains, it sure seems to pour on Javarris Crittendon. The former NBA player for the Washington Wizards tried to play Marshall Dillon to Gilbert Arenas' Wyatt Earp, and was released by the Wizards and never picked up by another team. While out the league, he was robbed him of 55 stacks in jewelry in Atlanta. In retaliation, Crittendon "allegedly" tried to clap back the robbers and ended up shooting an innocent bystander - Julian Jones, 22, mother of four. While awaiting the murder trial of Jones, Crittendon has now been accused of drug trafficking by the DEA ( ). Crittendon and 13 others are accused of conspiring to deal marijuana and cocaine months before the August 2011 Atlanta murder of Jones. 
Video: Dennis Rodman Sings "Happy Birthday" to Kim Jong-Um PDF Print E-mail

Dennis Rodman sings "Happy Birthday" to Kim Jong-Um, leader of North Korea. 


Shock Exchange "Blocked" by Shaq Outside Orlando Nightclub in '94 PDF Print E-mail

The Big D'Brickashaw
Millions know me for being a pioneer in financial literacy and coach of the New York Shock Exchange - the top travel basketball team in the NYC. However, in 1994 as an associate in GE Capital's Financial Institutions Group, I was in Orlando, FL performing due diligence on an insurance acquisition. We finished our work early so I went out to an Orlando nightclub for some old-fashioned fun. Just my luck, NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal was also in the club that night; my encounter with him would later scar me for life and forever damage my confidence with women. The new book,Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids from Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead" captured the hilarity:

Dennis Rodman Apologizes for CNN Interview, Admits to Being Drunk PDF Print E-mail

What was Chris Cuomo's Excuse? 

The saga of Dennis Rodman and his goodwill basketball mission in North Korea continues. The mission has been heavily criticized by the U.S. media given the politics of North Korea, and yesterday it took another turn. Dennis Rodman apologized for his alcohol and Chris Cuomo-induced rant on CNN. Rodman said via an email from his publicist:

Video: CNN Commentator Trolls Dennis Rodman for Ratings PDF Print E-mail

Dennis Rodman and several other former NBA ball players are currently in North Korea to play basketball against the North Korean national team. They recently sat down with a CNN commentator to discuss their trip, but the commentator tried to steer the conversation towards politics. Rodman and Charles Smith iterated several times that they were on a goodwill mission, not to discuss politics. At the 4:30 minute mark the commentator again tried to engage Dennis Rodman in a political debate, which clearly agitated Rodman. The commentator trolls Rodman one last time, and things go entirely to the left. Though bad for Rodman, it worked out well for CNN's ratings.

Yeah, but Dennis don't put it on them [other players]. Don't use them [other players] as an excuse for the behavior that you're putting on yourself. 


Video: AJ McCarron's Mother Clowns Jack Welch PDF Print E-mail

Jack Welch , the driven goal-oriented CEO of General Electric, demanded excellence at each level of the organization. He set high goals, whether they involved being #1 or #2 and each of GE's business segments or growing earnings each quarter - a goal he achieved each quarter for 10 consecutive years until Kidder, Peabody imploded after Joe Jett's $350 million loss. The critically acclaimed Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids from Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead explains the Kidder fiasco in detail. However, after seeing this Harvard Business School video on Welch, Dee Dee Bonner - the mother of Alabama QB AJ McCarron - took to Twitter to clown Welch's speech pattern. Ridiculous!

Jon Stewart Exposes Wall St., Steals "Shock Exchange" Thunder PDF Print E-mail

Since traditional media sources that follow the financial world are nothing more than the public relations arm of Wall Street, Jon Stewart's The Daily Show has morphed into Wall Street watchdog. The show has exposed the disparity in how the media portrays Wall Street criminals vis-à-vis the rest of society, and its inability or unwillingness to properly inform viewers of what they need to know. Here's the rub - outing Wall St. wrongdoing during the crisis was what Ralph Baker's new book, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead was supposed to do! In some of Stewart's best work, he went in on CNBC's Jim Cramer, exposing the network's faulty buy recommendations on Bear Stearns, Lehman, Merill and Bank of America even as Wall Street spiraled out of control.

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