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Blackberry: Phenomenal Turnaround In The Making PDF Print E-mail

BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) did it! The company posted net income of $23 million or $0.04/share for the quarter ended May 31, 2014 ("QEMay14"). The stock was up 10% in late day trading due to massive short covering. Volume was 62.4 million shares, versus average volume of 9.8 million. Analysts were expecting a loss of 0.26/share. Here are the details:

(i) Revenue during the quarter was flat; The company generated revenue of $966 million versus $976 million during the previous quarter; (ii) Revenue was broken down between hardware (39%), services (54%) and software (7%); (iii) The company recognized revenue on approximately 1.6 million smartphones during the quarter, up 23% (1.3 million) from the previous quarter; (iv) On the conference call, CEO John Chen said its new Z3 was selling well in Indonesia. The company plans to roll out the Z3 in India and a host of other countries soon. Read more:

Video: Rondo: "LeBron Should Have Doubts About Staying in Miami" PDF Print E-mail

In a recent interview with ESPN's Jemele "The Shock Exchange Slayer" Hill, Celtics' Rajon Rondo had this to say when asked whether The Kang should have doubts about remaining in Miami:

I definitely think he should have some doubts. Especilaly they way they played in the Finals. It doesn't look too great how they ended the season, and it's not about making it to the Finals. It's about winning ... If I were LeBron I might have some doubts [about] staying in Miami ... I don't think he had any help in the Finals. Where do they go now? As far as the cap room if everybody opts in, you have everybody making $20/year as far as the Big Three ... With that cap space getting smaller it's going to be tough to get guys to go in there [Miami] to play. 

Ralph and Ralphie on BK Live PDF Print E-mail

Image Five years ago Executive Director Ralph Baker and board member David Neverson appeared on BCAT's In The Zone to discuss the unique way in which the New York Shock Exchange blended basketball and financial literacy. Today, financial literacy, which the Shock Exchange helped pioneer, is all the rage, and BCAT is making plans to become a 24-hour cable station. Recently, Mr. Baker, author of Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahea0d, and his son Ralph III discussed the new book on BK Live with Micheal Bellamy. We discussed everything from our "bottoms up" analysis of stocks (P/E ratio, earnings growth rate) to our "top down analysis" (leading economic indicators) to how we predicted the Great Recession.

Will "Qingdao Whale" Bite Jamie Dimon Next? PDF Print E-mail

ImageLast week Citigroup (C) and Standard Chartered (OTC:SCDRF) began investigating a suspected fraud for commodity-backed loans in China. The loans used copper and aluminum as collateral, which were warehoused at China's Qingdao Port. Bankers are afraid that one major borrower, Qingdao Whale, has fraudulently pledged the same collateral for multiple loans. However, the whale loss is unquantifiable at the moment ... It may also jeopardize JPMorgan Chase's (JPM) $3.5 billion sale of its commodities business to Mercuria Energy Group ("Mercuria"). Read more:

"Shock Exchange" Featured on WSJ's MarketWatch PDF Print E-mail

Author Ralph Baker spoke with Alisa Parenti of WSJ's MarketWatch about his new book, "Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead". Mr. Baker explained (i) the rationale behind the kids' stock picks and (ii) why kids make better investors than adults. He also explained how the team analyzed the deterioration in gross domestic product, thus predicting the "Great Recession" while the rest of the country was caught unawares. Below is a link to the interview.

Listen to MarketWatch interview here:


SHOCK EXCHANGE Cover Art Iconic? PDF Print E-mail

Image The cover art for the Shock Exchange's much-anticipated new book, SHOCK EXCHANGE ... How Inner-City Kids Predicted The Great Recession And The Pain Ahead is up.  Yes, the book cover features the iconic "Shock Boy" posing with a basketball and briefcase which has come to define the Shock Exchange.  We grabbed a random boy from the neighborhood and did the shoot in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn in 2006.  It took the kid about an hour before he could finally hold the briefcase and spin the ball at the same ____ time.  We then worked with a graphic design student from nearby Pratt Institute to craft the logo.  I envisioned Shock Boy as one day rivaling Nike's jumpman logo; however, he has surpassed our expectations. 

Shock Boy, with the Brooklyn streets as a backdrop, in a grainy, black and white setting captures the mood of the book and the "pain ahead."  It has a timeless appeal, similar to old family portraits or the days when John Pierpont Morgan frequented Brooklyn and was lord over all of Street.  Or maybe it is reminiscent of that old black and white family portrait of Grandma and Grandpa that hangs in the living room, keeping a watchful eye over the current goings on.  Will African Americans and/or followers of Wall Street talk about the "pain ahead" a century from now?  Actually, that is the book we tried to write ... timeless ... thought-provoking ... unapologetic and that's the look we were going for with the book cover.  The book is due out in mid-September and will be available on at Amazon (kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Apple (iPad, iPhone), Sony, and Kobo, amongst others.

Why Is Molycorp Seeking Approval For 50MM New Shares? PDF Print E-mail
Molycorp Inc's (MCP) 1Q 2014 earnings report disappointed again, with a net loss to shareholders of $88 million and cash out flows of $78 million. The company has kept itself afloat via two capital raises in the past 18 months. After 1Q results left Molycorp less than a year away from potentially running out of cash, a third capital raise was not out of the question. Below are some high level cash flow projections for the company ... Read more:
Citigroup Faces $10B Fine From DOJ PDF Print E-mail
Citigroup (C) faces a $10 billion fine by the Justice Department to settle a probe over the bank's sale of soured mortgage-backed securities at the height of the financial crisis. According to Bloomberg News, negotiations between the two sides fell apart after Citigroup offered $4 billion to resolve the probe, versus the DOJ's $10 billion asking price. The proposed fine comes after Judge Jed Rakoff rejected a $285 million fraud settlement between Citigroup and the SEC for similar acts amid the crisis. Read more:
"Can't Miss" Trade on Pandora PDF Print E-mail
Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) $3 billion acquisition of Beats underscored music streaming's status as the future of the music industry. The transaction put Google Inc. (GOOG) and Amazon Inc. (AMZN) - deep-pocketed music industry players - into the spotlight as potential acquirers of music streaming companies like Pandora Media (P) and Spotify. Of the two acquisition candidates, only Pandora is publicly-traded. The problem for Pandora is that there may be a limited number of potential suitors, and consistent operating losses will not drive the price higher sans a sale. Read more:
Google's Acquisition of Songza a Schrewd Move PDF Print E-mail
ImageSince Apple Inc's (AAPL) $3 billion acquisition of Beats (the premium headphone business with a fledgling music streaming service) last month, there has been incessant speculation as to who would pair up next. Pandora Media Inc (P) and Spotify marrying their music streaming operations with deep-pocketed music industry participants like Google (GOOG) (GOOGL) and Amazon Inc (AMZN) were obvious scenarios. Twitter Inc (TWTR), which is infatuated with the music industry and recently killed a deal with SoundCloud, could also enter the fray. I like the Songza transaction for the following reasons ... Read more:
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