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Valeant: Joe Papa Calls "Shock Exchange" $0 Price Target "Media Noise" PDF Print E-mail
Image As we have learned from the failed Republican healthcare bill , people in power are oftentimes great actors. House Speaker Paul Ryan has been running around for eight years screaming about the failings of Obamacare, how it needed to be replaced, and how the Republicans had a better plan. He even had President Trump singing the "Replace Obamacare" song. At the end of the day they were acting, and the Republican plan was smoke and mirrors. Valeant's CEO Joe Papa is also a great actor. Papa and lead investor Bill Ackman have talked up Valeant's share price, talked up debt repayments, "strong cash flow", and growth prospects. Nonetheless, the Shock Exchange has a $0 price target on Valeant, which Papa called media noise:
Ex-CEO Mike Pearson Sues For $30MM Before Valeant Collapses PDF Print E-mail
Image Valeant Pharmeuticals (VRX) has gotten it comeuppance lately. The company has been accused of price-gouging, lead investor and press agent, Bill Ackman, abandoned the company earlier this month, and the stock has fallen from over $200 to around $11. The Shock Exchange is on record that the stock is worthless. Former CEO Mike Pearson wants to "get while the getting is good," so he sued Valeant for $30 million in withheld shares before the company collapses under $30 billion in debt and billions in legal exposures:
Note To Sean Spicer - Never Tell A Black Woman, "Stop Shaking Your Head" PDF Print E-mail
Image White House reporter April Ryan is really starting to make a name for herself. I became aware of her during White House briefings when former President Obama was in office. Monday she asked Trump communications director about President Trump's relationship with Condoleezza Rice and rumors pursuant to Russian connections, wiretapping, impending impeachment. It led to a tete-a-tete with Spicer and ended with Spicer asking Ryan to "Stop shaking your head ... stop gyrating your neck."
Charles Murphy, Paulson Hedge Fund Manager, Dead In Apparent Suicide PDF Print E-mail

According to the Financial Times Charles Murphy, a hedge fund manager for Paulson & Company, fell to his death from a Manhattan hotel on Monday in an apparent suicide. Murphy was pronounced dead at the scene when authorities arrived at the Sofitel building at 5 PM. Prior to Paulson, Murphy worked for Fairfield Greenwich, a hedge fund that acted as a feeder fund for Bernie Madoff. Madoff was charged with running a $64 billion Ponzi scheme in 2008.

"Shock Exchange" Added To Trump Syllabus; Gucci Mane Claps Back With New Movie PDF Print E-mail
Image Last week Shock Exchange How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead was added to Trump Syllabus K12 curriculum -- the authority on books and think pieces on resistance under the Trump regime. As the only black book featuring The Donald and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Shock Exchange is a must read. Never one to let the Shock Exchange bask in the glow of success, what does Gucci Mane do? He claps back with a new movie with Rick Ross.
Will Trump Send Drug Stocks Tumbling Again? PDF Print E-mail

Image Last week, President Trump scrapped the Republican healthcare reform bill after it did not receive enough votes from lawmakers. It was an ignominious defeat for a president who had promised a repeal of Obamacare. In the end, the Republican bill seemed to be hastily put together, and not well thought out. President Trump needs to prove he can govern and that might not be good for healthcare companies. Earlier this month, Trump again sounded off on rising healthcare costs:

Transocean Battens Down The Hatches PDF Print E-mail
Image According to Reuters Transocean (NYSE:RIG) is selling its shallow-water drilling rigs for $1.35 billion to Borr Drilling .... The deal includes 10 high-specification jack-ups and five newbuilds. Transocean will retain 50 rigs used for exploration in deeper waters.
Paul Ryan: "Eu Tu Jeanine Pirro?" PDF Print E-mail
Image Fox News host Jeanine Pirro states that Paul Ryan must step down as speaker of the House. He failed to deliver the necessary votes to repeal Obamacare, despite having had seven years to work on it. The Shakespearean part is that [i] President Trump tweeted for everyone to watch Jeanine's show, and [ii] Jeannine and Trump are friends. For "The Boss" to undermine Ryan through back channels appears very passive aggressive. The political infighting won't stop anytime soon, and it could potentially derail some of Trump's other policy items like tax reform and infrastructure investing. Actually, Paul Ryan should have stepped down after plagiarizing my book, Shock Exchange, which includes a unique plan to tamp down the rising cost of college.
ESPN's The Undefeated Listed 44 Influential African Americans Not Named "Shock Exchange" PDF Print E-mail
Image Race issues and racial disparities have become heightened since the Financial Crisis of 2008. ESPN's The Undefeated was started nearly a year ago to capture issues surrounding race, and hopefully generate website hits. The Undefeated recently listed its top 44 most influential African Americans in history. As you could have imagined, the list included a president and a bunch of athletes and entertainers. I was anxious to see my name and book, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead listed. After all, it is the most plagiarized book in the country, so by definition Shock Exchange is the most influential. Lo and behold, The Undefeated dissed Shock Exchange, which is an affront to economics.
Minister Farrakhan Predicted Trumpcare Would Fail PDF Print E-mail
Image The Republican healthcare plan, "Trumpcare", failed to win approval and it was an ignominious defeat of President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. The Republicans had been calling for a repeal of Obamacare for eight years now. Trump also jumped on the bandwagon; however, the Republican plan was not well thought out. The true agenda was not to devise a better plan, but to erase Obama's legacy. Minister Louis Farrakhan called the idea silly, and practically predicted it would fail. At the 39 minute mark of the following video , Farrakhan described how partisan politics was killing democracy, and trying to undo Obamacare did not represent America.
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