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Why Is Molycorp Seeking Approval For 50MM New Shares? PDF Print E-mail
Molycorp Inc's (MCP) 1Q 2014 earnings report disappointed again, with a net loss to shareholders of $88 million and cash out flows of $78 million. The company has kept itself afloat via two capital raises in the past 18 months. After 1Q results left Molycorp less than a year away from potentially running out of cash, a third capital raise was not out of the question. Below are some high level cash flow projections for the company ... Read more:
Citigroup Faces $10B Fine From DOJ PDF Print E-mail
Citigroup (C) faces a $10 billion fine by the Justice Department to settle a probe over the bank's sale of soured mortgage-backed securities at the height of the financial crisis. According to Bloomberg News, negotiations between the two sides fell apart after Citigroup offered $4 billion to resolve the probe, versus the DOJ's $10 billion asking price. The proposed fine comes after Judge Jed Rakoff rejected a $285 million fraud settlement between Citigroup and the SEC for similar acts amid the crisis. Read more:
"Can't Miss" Trade on Pandora PDF Print E-mail
Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) $3 billion acquisition of Beats underscored music streaming's status as the future of the music industry. The transaction put Google Inc. (GOOG) and Amazon Inc. (AMZN) - deep-pocketed music industry players - into the spotlight as potential acquirers of music streaming companies like Pandora Media (P) and Spotify. Of the two acquisition candidates, only Pandora is publicly-traded. The problem for Pandora is that there may be a limited number of potential suitors, and consistent operating losses will not drive the price higher sans a sale. Read more:
Google's Acquisition of Songza a Schrewd Move PDF Print E-mail
ImageSince Apple Inc's (AAPL) $3 billion acquisition of Beats (the premium headphone business with a fledgling music streaming service) last month, there has been incessant speculation as to who would pair up next. Pandora Media Inc (P) and Spotify marrying their music streaming operations with deep-pocketed music industry participants like Google (GOOG) (GOOGL) and Amazon Inc (AMZN) were obvious scenarios. Twitter Inc (TWTR), which is infatuated with the music industry and recently killed a deal with SoundCloud, could also enter the fray. I like the Songza transaction for the following reasons ... Read more:
Molycorp's Convertible Debt Is Woth 3-5 Cents On The Dollar PDF Print E-mail

Given the risk of an imminent capital raise at Molycorp, Inc. (MCP), I think the stock is overvalued. That said, I have decided to look at the company's bonds instead. The following chart illustrates the company's long-term debt, its rating and where it is trading, per FINRA.

  • The principal amount of the company's outstanding convertible notes total $793 million.
  • At June 4, 2014 they traded from 60 cents to 69 cents on the dollar. Yields ranged from 21% to 25%.
  • The bonds are subordinate to the 10% senior notes with a principal amount of $650 million.
  • In 1Q 2014, Molycorp recorded about $35 million in interest expense on all of its non-current debt.
  • Based upon the company's cash outflows, it is possible that Molycorp will run out of cash in 1Q 2015, rendering it unable to pay interest or principal on the debentures. Read more:
Molycorp's L/T Debt Does Not Reflect Bankrupt Risk PDF Print E-mail
My Molycorp Inc. (MCP) June 2014 puts are in the red after the stock bounced from its recent 52-week low of $2.44/share. Since I cannot make money on the stock, I decided to look at the bonds. Yesterday a news flash shot across my computer screen that Molycorp bonds had a one-year default risk of 2.76%. Given the company's need for an equity raise, I thought that seemed a bit low, so I decided to do my own due diligence. Read more:
Molycorp His 52 Week Low of $2.44/Share PDF Print E-mail
Molycorp Inc's (MCP) stock hit a 52-week low of $2.45/share yesterday. The stock closed at $2.50/share, representing a one-day decline of 7.1%. Some may have attributed the sell off to the article, Molycorp: $560MM Intangibles Are Worthless, which questioned the value of the company's intangible assets amid consistent operating losses. My interpretation as to why Molycorp has reached a 52-week low is as follows ... Read more:
Will Pandora Ever Turn A Profit? PDF Print E-mail
After the stagnant growth of digital downloads, music streaming companies are in the spotlight. The announcement that Spotify had 10 million paid subscribers and the recent $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple, Inc. (AAPL), may have solidified music streaming's status as the next growth industry. Meanwhile, in 2013 Google, Inc. (GOOG) (GOOGL) entered the industry through its Google Music, and Amazon, Inc. (AMZN) is planning on offering music streaming to customers of Amazon Prime - its video streaming service. However, the question remains, "Is music streaming a viable business?" If you analyze Pandora Media's (P) historical financial performance, the answer is "No." Read more:
Marianne Williamson - Populist Test Case For Democratic Party? PDF Print E-mail

Marianne Williamson, teacher and authors, is running for congress in California's 33rd congressional district. The seat was vacated by democrat Henry Waxman who is leaving after 40 years in congress. What makes Williams so interesting is that she campaigning on a strong populist message - fewer prisoners, Wall Street reform, quelling big business' influence on politics. Could she be the test came for the democratic party in 2016?

Molycorp: How Much Pain Can Investors Endure? PDF Print E-mail
ImageLeading rare earth producer Molycorp, Inc. (MCP) announced disappointing earnings again for 1Q 2014. Net revenues of $118.5 million were down 18% from 1Q 2013. The company produced 4,389 (mt) of rare earth minerals, up 10% from 1Q 2013. However, its weighted average selling price (asp) declined 26% from $36.60 in 1Q 2013 to In the November 2012 article, Molycorp And "The Pain Ahead", I was derided for predicting that falling rare earth prices would ravage the business prospects of rare earth producers, including Molycorp. Eighteen months and two dilutive events later, Molycorp's average selling price is still in the doldrums. $27.01 in 1Q 2014. Molycorp went on to report a loss attributable to shareholders of $88.1 million for the quarter. Read more:
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