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Video: Bill Clinton Co-Signs "Shock Exchange" PDF Print E-mail

Former President Bill Clinton stole the show at Pete Peterson's 2014 Fiscal Summit. In the following video he describes how the current recession - caused by a financial meltdown - is intractable and more akin to Japan in the '80s. At the 10:00 minute mark of the video Mr. Clinton goes in, co-signing verbatim the new book, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead

Your Girl Instagram Flexing With Matt Kemp? PDF Print E-mail

#3 "Block" Matt Kemp

He's no item ...
Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, is in hot water over negative comments he made about African Americans.  Instagram pictures of Sterling's girlfriend, V. Stiviano, and Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson had gotten Sterling's dander up. Stiviano taped Sterling's rant and sent it to TMZ. Sterling was later banned from the league for life by NBA commissioner Adam Silver and he may be forced to sell the team.

Steve Kerr Signed for 5 year $25MM by Golden State PDF Print E-mail
ImageOver a decade ago while working on a deal in the U.K. I eating at a trendy restaurant when I saw a familiar face. There was gentleman sitting several tables away. I didn't want to stare, but I thought to myself, "I know this guy from somewhere." The guy ate and left and about 40 minutes later, I left. While standing outside trying to catch a cab, I bumped into the "familiar face" again - it was former Chicago Bulls guard Steve Kerr. "Nobody in London recognized him either. Kerr's been trying to catch a cab for almost an hour now," I surmised. Kerr told me he was in London visiting his sister. I inquired about his plans after his playing days were over (he was with San Antonio at the time) and he said, "One day I would like to coach in the league." Well 15 years later, that day has come. He signed a 5 year $25 million deal to coach Golden State, replacing Cannon Fodder" .. er .. Mark Jackson. Golden State in my estimation, which is one big man away from taking the cake. 
Apple Buying Beats for $3.2B? Method to the Madness. PDF Print E-mail

ImageLast week the entertainment community was abuzz when it was announced that Apple (AAPL) was acquiring Beats, the headphone company led by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, for $3.2 billion. There were videos of Dr. Dre and singer, Tyrese Gibson, celebrating the news and urging updates to the "Forbes List." They also threw shout outs to the West Coast for Dre becoming the first billionaire hip hop mogul - a subliminal message to moguls Jay-Z and Sean Combs? How much of this is actually true, who knows? Seven months ago, the Carlyle Group paid $500 million to Beats for a stake just under 50%. How the transaction values Dr. Dre's remaining stake is uncertain. However, here is what we do know. Read more:

Mark Jackson Used as "Cannon Fodder" in Golden State PDF Print E-mail
I just got glazed ...
A few weeks ago I heard rumors that Mark Jackson was in trouble in Golden State. I ignored the reports, thinking it was laughable. Golden State hired Jackson three years ago when the team was trash. The team was coming off a 36-46 season and hadn't made the playoffs in nearly 20 years. Jackson took the team to the Western Conference semi-finals in his second year. In his third season, he led the team to the fourth best record in the Western Conference. However, Golden State lost to the Clippers (favorites to make the finals) in the first round of the playoffs in seven games, without starting center Andrew Bogut. Jackson was unceremoniously fired due to allegations of "religious differences," and Jackson's inability to "mange up" or "manage sideways." However, it is consistent with a concerning trend of using black coaches as "cannon fodder" - hiring them to turnaround losing franchises, and then replacing them after the hard work is complete.  
Video: LeBron, Wade in Game 6 Post-Game Press Conference PDF Print E-mail

D. Wayde: "For us it's about getting stops ... We put our closer on their best one-on-one player.

LeBron: In the 4th quarter Joe gave me everything I wanted. He was torturing me. It got to the point where looked to myself and said, 'Well if I don't get stops we'll going to lose the game. J. Kidd is like one of those old school basketball coaches kind of like Mark Jackson ... if a guy's hot he's gonna give it back to him no matter who's on him ... had to dig deep.



Video: Joe Johnson "Sonned" by LeBron James in Final Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Joe Johnson had a whale of a game in Game 5 of the ECF. The Nets were built for the playoffs and Johnson nearly earned his huge contract in one game, scoring 34 points on 15-23 from the field. He practically had his way with the Heat - including LeBron - dancing, backing kids down, step-back jumpers, bullying guys down low, etc. In my opinion, if the Nets had won Game 5, they would have taken the series. However, with the game on the line late, Johnson went at The Kang on two consecutive possessions ... Johnson fought the law and the law ... keep reading to see what happened.
Video: Doc Rivers: "We Got Robbed!" PDF Print E-mail
In the press conference following Game 5 against the Thunder, Clippers coach Doc Rivers blames a controversial call for the reason the team lost, "We were got robbed because of that call ... That was a series defining call." The Clippers doing their best "Stuart Pritchert" ( ) impersonation down the stretch - now that will define the series. 
Hello Clippers! CP3 Meltown Leads to Game 5 Loss PDF Print E-mail

You'rs so "Stuart Pritchart"
In one of the worst melt downs in NBA playoff history, the Clippers blew a 13 point lead with 3:30 to go and a seven point lead with 49 seconds remaining to lose Game 5 against the Thunder. Here are the sequence of events in the final 49 seconds. (i) Durant 3 pointer, (ii) Clipper miss, (iii) Durant lay up, (iv) Chris Paul turnover, (v) Chris Paul fouls Russell Westbrook 3 point attempt, (vi) Westbrook converts three free throws to put OKC up by one point, (vii) Chris Paul turnover. In the post-game press conference, Doc Rivers had this to say:

We should have never lost that game. We stopped playing with three minutes left. We were milking the clock. We turned the ball over ... We made a comedy of errors.

Breaking: Donald Sterling's Publicist Abruptly Quits PDF Print E-mail

Hours after Donald Sterling's interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, [Fill in the Blank Publicist] Told ESPN that she was resigning today as Donald Sterling's publicist. "I have worked with Donald for a very long time and I care about him personally. However, I am no longer able to work effectively with him as his publicist and have respectfully resigned. After that train wreck of an interview with Anderson Cooper last night where Donald embarrassed himself and the entire NBA, I have to distance myself from Donald and this situation. After all, I have my own career to thing about." 

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