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new york shock exchange
new york shock exchange

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Did Gucci Mane Choose Malcolm Gladwell Over "Shock Exchange" As Favorite Author? PDF Print E-mail

I was watching the Breakfast recently with Chalamagne, DJ Envy and Angela and they had author, Malcolm Gladwell, as a guest. Gladwell gave his take on various subjects from music to the Trump phenomenon. Then Charlamagne mentioned that Gucci Mane listed Gladwell as over Shock Exchange as his favorite author ... that got my dander up. I checked the Internet, and lo and behold, I found a bromance between Gladwell and Gucci Mane:



Ralph Baker, Darryl Johnson Speak At Hampden-Sydney College Library 10/26 At 7:30PM PDF Print E-mail
dkdkdk PDF Print E-mail

The Shock Exchange had its recent investment meeting on March 16, 2008 and it was truly a star-studded event.  Jessica Jones and Jerry Jack of Black Enterprise were on hand to meet the team and to get a better understanding our investment process.  In her article Round ball and Round Lots, Ms. Jones documents the various enticements used to teach kids about saving and investing, with sports being one of them.  The article goes in depth about the Shock Exchange's basketball program and the performance of the Shock Exchange Fund.  Below is a copy of the article.



Shock Exchange Point Guard Appears in SLAM PDF Print E-mail

Shock Exchange Point Guard Appears in SLAM

SLAM Article
View Full Story - SLAMOnline.com

From Boys to Investment Ballers - April 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Hampden-Sydney College's alumni magazine, The Record of Hampden-Sydney College, features the New York Shock Exchange's program in its April 2008 issue. Hampden-Sydney College is Mr. Baker's alma mater where he received his BA in Economics in 1989.

The Record of Hampden-Sydney College - April 2008

i95ballerz - November 2007 PDF Print E-mail

Ron Bailey who heads i95ballerz, the premier basketball website in the Balt/DC area, recently profiled the Exchange.  The exposure is well received given that the Balt/DC area has long been a hotbed for basketball talent.  The area has spawned names like Len Bias, Sam Cassell, 'Melo, Adrian Dantley, Mugsey Bogues, Dave Bing, Danny Ferry, Marvin Webster, Skip Wise, Kevin Durant, Mike Beasley, etc.  But my all-time favorite (next to Bias and Cassell) is Ernie Graham, a product of the ACC wars in the late 70's/early 80's.  Legend has it that Albert King (Univ. of Md., NJ Nets) once said Ernie Graham shot the ball so much that in order to get a pass from him, you had to paint a picture of a basket on your chest . . . My man! 

Shock Exchange Teaching Picks – of the Stock and Hoops variety

Darden Business School (University of Virginia) - Spring 2007 PDF Print E-mail

The Darden School of Business, Mr. Baker's alma mater, recently profiled the Shock Exchange in its Alumni Magazine (page 65).  In its August 2007 issue, Forbes Magazine ranked Darden as the 4th best Business School in the country.  

Darden - Spring 2007


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