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Image SLAM Magazine is reporting that a few weeks ago, Allen Iverson's agent Leon Rose, and Knicks President Donnie Walsh met to discuss the possibility of Iverson joining the Knicks.  The Knicks are supposedly high on Ramone Sessions, a restricted free agent who had a big season for the Milwaukee Bucks, at the point guard position as well.  Sessions is reportedly looking for a multi-year contract starting at the mid-level exception while Iverson is willing to accept a one-year contract at the mid-level exception of $5.85 million.  Nothing against Sessions but I'm not sure what the hesitation is on the Knicks' part with Iverson.  Always electrifying, the year he put the Sixers on his back and nearly willed them to the NBA championship  against a Shaq (Shaq in his prime, may I add) led Lakers is still one of the most brilliant performances I have ever witnessed in basketball.

I have followed his career ever since I heard from my younger cousins in the early 90's about this high school phenom who was supposedly the best football player and basketball player in the state of Virginia - a feat that had never been accomplished before.  I actually saw him play in the VA state HS championship basketball game and he did not disappoint - basically playing at a different speed then everyone else and daring anyone to challenge him athletically.  Iverson would thrive under Mike D'Antoni's uptempo style on the biggest stage in the NBA - Madison Square Garden.  Investing is about "risk and reward".  In A.I. the Knicks would be taking a nominal risk (1 year at $5.85 million) for a huge pay-off - the opportunity to pack the Garden every night with what could be the best free agent acquisition since Bernard King.  It would also pique the public's interest to see if A.I. can still bring that fire that he brought in Philly and if he is still the ANSWER to all of the critics, haters, and doubters foretelling his downfall.  This is still the one guy in the NBA I would pay money to see play.  Attached is a link to the SLAM article


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