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new york shock exchange
new york shock exchange

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Bow Wow Gets The "Gas Face" For Attacking Melania Trump PDF Print E-mail
Image Has the world gone mad? President Donald Trump did what Bernie Sanders couldn't do -- overcome the "fake news" machine caping for Hillary Clinton. Trump walked through Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and "America's candidate," Hillary Clinton. The Democrats are mad because they lost the White House and many will lose their jobs. They are now hiding behind the blacks, who are more than willing to attack Trump verbally, artistically and on social media. In Snoop Dogg's Lavender music video , he feigns assassinating Trump Clown, "Ronald Klump". Bow Wow dragged Melania Trump into the beef. What he said about the First Lady was so reckless he gets the proverbial "gas face."




Sending a message to the President about pimping out the First Lady ... and attaching Snoop's name to the recklessness is not a good look. It's all good until somebody's money gets messed up over this. The Shock Exchange gon' let 3rd Base speak on it ...





On Shock Exchange 

With the critically acclaimed, Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted The Great Recession And The Pain Ahead, author Ralph W. Baker, Jr. predicted the current global economic slow down, the demise of China, emerging markets and the pending stock market crash. Shock Exchange is the best book ever written on President Trump and his rise, fall, and rise to power; it is the only one written from a black perspective.

Shock Exchange has been added to the Trump Syllabus K12 compiled by Kaye Wise Whitehead, Associate Professor. Department of Communication, Loyola University Maryland. Before protesting about Trump, make sure you read Shock Exchange so you can be fully armed.

Where to Buy:

"Shock Exchange" is available electronically through Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Amazon (Kindle), iTunes, etc. The print version is available through the following retailers and bookstores:  

Print Version: 

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/

Barnes & Noble online http://www.barnesandnoble.com/

Hampden-Sydney College Bookstore: http://cougar.hsc.edu/cgi-bin/main_inv.exe , item number: 38561. Or call Jason Huskey at 434-223-6117. 



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