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Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Joe Johnson, etc. headline arguably the most sought after free agent list in NBA history.  The pining and begging for James has become mind-numbing . . . club owners offering a lifetime supply of lap dances, media moguls form city to city offering clothes, alcohol and record deals.  I thought I had seen it all until New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, made a personal pitch for James (video below).  Pitching to Lebron is similar to dating and the begging, pining, etc. or acting like a wimp in general won't work with women nor with James.

Don't act Like a Wimp

Women are attracted to "alpha males", you know, those guys who are confident, domineering and pose a challenge.  For the mayor to personally make a pitch to Lebron is the exact opposite of alpha male behavior.  It signals that Lebron is someone to be courted and some type of "prize", the worst mistake one can make.  James now knows he's in control and will (i) extract the highest price for his services, (ii) create a list of obstacles for you to obtain his services, and once all of those obstacles have been met, create even more as a way of "moving the goalpost" of sorts, and (iii) ultimately exasperate the living hell out of you.  Noone probably understood this psychology of dating better than John Bouvier, a wealthy stockbroker on Wall Street who family had come to the U.S. from France in the early 1800s.  Legend has it that John taught his daughter, Jacqueline, to purposely be exasperating to male suitors.  That way, they would "want you even more".  Jacqueline would form one-half of "Camelot" when her husband, John F. Kennedy, became the 35th U.S. president in 1961.  With her personal style and knowledge of history and the arts, Mrs. Kennedy would become one of the most celebrated First Ladies in history.     

What Knicks Should Do

Show Interest ... But be Casual

C'mon, who wouldn't want Lebron James on their team.  There is a statistic that shows that the Cleveland Cavaliers' franchise has increased in value by a couple hundred million dollars since Lebron joined the team.  That doesn't even account for the hundreds of millions of dollars James has meant to the city of Cleveland.  Every team in the league is salivating at the chance to land 'Bron and noone knows that better than Lebron and his advisors.  That said, show interest in Lebron, but don't linger and don't act desperate.  Let him know "there's a deal to be done if you wanna do it" and keep it moving.  

Remember, You're the Catch  

NYC Offers Lebron Immortality

Instead of negotiating from a posture of what James can do for us, remember what you bring to the table.  New York City is the largest market on the planet and the hype capital of world.  If an eight car pile up happens in Des Moines, IA, so what?  If the same incident occurred in the NYC it would be the largest, most enormous incident in the history of automobiles.  It would be broadcast around the globe and covered by 15 different newspapers and hundreds of bloggers.  Everybody knows that Guiliani is the greatest mayor, Jay-Z the greatest rapper and the '69 Knicks the greatest basketball team in history, not only because they did it at a high level but because "it happened in New York, New York, New Yooooooooork . . . We love you New York" . . . *drop mic* 'Cause I just kilt it!  New York can offer James something no other city can ---- IMMORTALITY.  And noone knows this better than Lebron and his advisors.  The challenge of taming the New York media and possibly being mentioned in the same breath as Reggie, Dave Winfield, Clyde, LT, Darryl, etc. . . . What Happened?  Lebron needs New York as bad as New York needs Lebron . . . that's "what had happened". 

Knicks Committed to Winning

The Knicks will do whatever it takes to win.  Cablevision, the owner of the Knicks, has a large war chest and is willing to spend the money, and if necessary, incur a potential luxury tax if it exceeds the league's salary cap.  Whatever team Lebron goes to may not win a championship immediately and may need to continue to upgrade its roster.  Few teams have shown a willingness to pay the price to win a championship.

Make Him Jealous

There are several free agents who would be a good fit for New York.  The Knicks should openly court Wade, Johnson, Nowitski, Bosh, etc. and let Lebron see them doing it.  If Lebron turns green with envy or becomes impatient, then you know you have something to work with.



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