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Image Dan Gilbert is apparently still seething over Lebron James' decision to bolt Cleveland for Miami.  Immediately after Lebron's announcement on ESPN, Gilbert wrote a scathing letter to Cavs fans http://clicky.me/rOE , calling Lebron a "traitor".  In an interview with the Associated Press, Gilbert had these things to say:

It's accountability time for James.  He has gotten a free pass. 

INTERPRETATION:  I am pissed.  I know some things about James that would damage his reputation, his squeaky clean image and ultimately, his endorsement money.  The fact that all these years, I enabled Lebron and gave him and his posse special treatment makes his departure all the more hurtful.  I feel like a fool.

People have been covering up for (James) for too long.

INTERPRETATION:  I know the truth about Lebron's mother and another one of the Cavaliers players.  I had been waiting for the right moment to "tell what had happened and what I had seen and heard".  This is as an appropriate time as any.  I may also know some information about Lebron's extramarital affairs.  The fact that he's not married is irrelevant.

He quit.  Not just in game 5, but in Games 2, 4, and 6.  Watch the tape.  The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar.

He quit.  Not just in game 5, but in Games 2, 4, and 6.  Watch the tape.  The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar.

INTERPRETATION:  A classic "Corporate" ploy . . . when things go badly, position yourself so that somewhere else takes the fall.  Gilbert is clearly blaming Lebron for the Cavaliers' playoff series loss to the Celtics, and sets the table for blame for the hundreds of losses the Cavaliers will experience over the next fews years.  By throwing shade at James,  Gilbert exonerates himself for (i) not acquiring additional talent to help James win a championship and (ii) for not trading James prior to the 2009-2010 season when Lebron was non-commital about returning to Cleveland.  By letting Lebron go the "free agent" route, the Cavaliers lost the best player in the league and got nothing of value for him.  Instead of "acting", Gilbert appeared passive and weak.  Now he attempts to show strength by "going in" on James after the fact.

It's not about him leaving . . . it's the disrespect.  It's time to hold these athletes accountable for their actions.  Is this the way you raise your children?

INTERPRETATION:  It's time to hold these black guys accountable for their actions.  The fact that 38% of black males between the ages of 24-40 are incarcerated is irrelevant.  Guys who look like Gilbert are allowed to lose $5 trillion making bad decisions on Wall St. and not only are not indicted, but are given their money back.  People who look like Lebron should be held "accountable".  He shouldn't be able to leave on his own accord.  Lebron was supposed to rot in Cleveland and when Gilbert had no more use for him, Gilbert was supposed to be able to trade him to the sorriest team in the NBA (LA Clippers) like the Atlanta Hawks did Dominique Wilkins.  "Dominique", who allowed himself be get "played" by the Hawks, now that's a black guy your children can look up to.



0 # Shock Exchange 2010-07-10 19:56
According to Forbes Magazine, the Cavaliers' value has fallen from $476MM to $390MM which is >$85 million in value. With his conversation with AP, Gilbert is positioning himself so that Lebron takes the fall for the Cavs' woes. If he can position in the minds of Cavs fans that Lebron is a "traitor" and remove the focus off of Management's "ineptness", then maybe they will stand by the franchise as they look to rebuild over the next few years.

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