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RANDY MOSS TRADE: What the "Streets is Saying" PDF Print E-mail

Boston Globe Message Boards:

ImageAwful. The only thing worse than this trade is Andy Gresh on the radio.

For Brandon Marhall- Two 2's. For Vincent Jackson- Vikings offered a 2 and a conditional 4. For Moss if he leaves via free agency- a late 3. The math doesn't add up. What we usually do to Oakland, Minn just did to us ... Bill is getting crazier and more senile than Al Davis.

Why don't we just give away our best receiver?

idiots.....no longer trust in Bill.

They should also trade Brady for a 5th round pick....what a joke!

Kraft supports revenue sharing. I guess he supports player sharing as well. The rest of the AFC can rest easier knowing the Pats just sacrificed their season.

I like getting rid of Moss. It was clear he was a malcontent and hurt the chemistry of this team. Didn't a similar thing happen with Terry Glenn back in the day? He was suspended not traded.

In the grand scheme of things, Moss had a pretty good attitude on the Patriots. This seems to be an ego vs. ego (Moss vs. Bill) thing. 3rd round draft pick? REALLY?

Lets get ready to watch Welkers receptions totals shrink.

Let's see, how do we make this promising team worse? Oh yeah, let's trade our No. 1 receiver, the only guy who stretches the field and is your franchise QB's favorite target. Makes plenty of sense to me. BAD MOVE.

Minnestota Star Tribune:

Welcome back Randy. See ya at Popeyes! :)

I consider football to be some of the best entertainment around. With that in mind, Moss is about the best entertainer you could ask for. This move makes me realize that I don't necessarily care if this team doesn't make the playoffs. It will fun to watch again. All the pieces are in place and Chili will do best to just get out of the way. A trained chimp could run this offense. Maybe we can trade for one of those, too?

Much like the Favre signing last year, I don't think I can fully wrap my mind around this until I see Moss back in a purple uniform. Incredible what has happened in the last 24 hours!

Thank you, Ziggy Wilf, Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember a lot comments earlier this year, that this trade would never happen. What do the naysayer's have to say now?

In one of his first games as a Vike, Moss beat some schmoo from the Bucs for six. The play-by- play dude said, "this guy is going to be a nightmare for defensive backs." A prophet. But for Randy to still give DBs the sweats we will have to keep the old man on his feet. Can we do that? I'm hoping ...

Thanks for backing up your boast Zigmeister...the fan base appreciates what you are doing....as for a stadium, I am all in now too! 

I don't think Moss will help the Vikes. He has been a problem before, and now it will make it hard for the fans to except his antics. Age is also starting to show on this mans ability to make the big plays.

Moss has the potential to be nothing but trouble. But we'll see. Hopefully the years have matured him. And hopefully the years haven't slowed him down a half step.

He will be engaged, and he's always been a great teammate when things go well. I believe this will free up Harvin to go back to the slot, where he will excel, Berrian will be in the role he is better suited for - a secondary receiver, Shiancoe will benefit, AP will see less 8 in the box, and the line will see less blitzes due to the fact Moss will have a safety over the top...The dynamic of the whole offense changed today....I can't wait for Monday.


Y trade Moss? He's amazing! Dump ur shitty off. co-ord. Bill! Ahwell, now its future HOF Favre to future HOF Moss! Bitches!

i'm so giddy...i don't know whether to choose between ESPN or NFL network coverage of the random moss trade lol

serious? lets see how much games they goin win now .. Can't understand why #Patriots trade #Moss...

still hurt and piss about the moss trade but i have to support the hoodie

Several Jets surprised by trade of Randy Moss to the Vikings: Revis says he doesn't think Patriots will have a vertical game anymore

Patriots Trade Randy Moss = Bullshit

Randy #Moss can fake moon me anytime if he helps bring home a Super Bowl win

Get your #84 jerseys out of the closet- they are back in style! Welcome back Randy Moss!

So Randy Moss goes back to MIN, with Shiancoe, P Harvin, and Sidney Rice returining soon? Hide yo wives, hide yo kids!

Randall Gene Moss Goes To Purify Himself In The Waters of Lake Minnetonka




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