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INTERPRETATION: Jets' Sal Alosi Explains his Actions PDF Print E-mail

Sal Alosi, strength and conditioning coach for the NY Jets, and the entire Jets organization are in hot water over Alosi's attempt to injure the Dolphins' Nolan Caroll.  Carroll was racing down field on punt coverage when Alosi impeded his progress by sticking his knee into Caroll's thigh (http://clicky.me/3STX).  Alosi later held a press conference to explain the incident.  Here is my "interpretation" of Alosi's comments:

First of all, I'd like to apologize to Nolan Carroll, Coach Sporano, Mr. Johnson [Jets' owner] and the entire Jets organization.

INTERPRETATION:  A mere formality.  Carroll was running full speed with a 30+ yard start and Alosi stuck his knee into dude's thigh when Carroll's focus was down field on the Jets actually in uniform.  I can think of a 100 scenarios that could possibly come from this, and none of them are positive. 

It's an honor and a privilege to coach every day and work every day in the National Football League.

INTERPRETATION:  Alosi appears to have "politics" in his future.  You state a "fact" that noone can argue with, yet the fact has nothing to do with the issue at hand.  If he thought it was truly in honor to coach in the NFL, why did he sully his profession by attacking a defenseless player?

My actions were inexcusable and irresponsible. 

INTERPRETATION:  Actually there is an excuse for your actions.  First of all, you were a former football player at Hofstra who probably had aspirations of playing in the league.  The Jets gave you the "hook-up" as a strength and conditioning coach, yet in your own mind you are a "player" in the NFL.  By laying the wood to Nolan Carroll . . . in your mind at least . . . you were simply "making a play".  Secondly, if Carroll had retaliated, you could simply play the dumb roll while (i) the media made Carroll look like a "hot-head" and malcontent and (ii) the NFL fined Carroll for an unwarranted attack against a coach . . . after all, it worked for Byron Hout and Ben Roethlisberger when they pushed and taunted LaGarrette Blount and Richard Seymour, respectively >> http://clicky.me/3Q1q.

I wasn't thinking.  If I could go back and do it again, I sure as heck would take a step back.

INTERPRETATION:  Actually you were thinking.  It would be a "natural" reaction to step back to not impede Carroll's progress.  However, while you leaned into Carroll, the other three Jets standing next to you did not step back either.  It is pretty clear from the replay that attempting to impede Carroll was pre-meditated.

No that wasn't anything that was instructed [stay up by the sidelines to attempt the Dolphins from running out of bounds].

INTERPETATION:  That's not what the tape shows.  The replay clearly shows the Jets standing in unison and though they did not all lean towards Carroll, noone attempted to move out of the way either.  Assuming the instructions came from someone higher up than Alosi, Alosi is lying to protect his bosses.  He's "falling on the sword" for either Rex Ryan or Mike Westhoff (special teams coach).  The issue at hand is not Jets' alignment on the sidelines but that Alosi was overzealous in leaning into Carroll.  Alosi proves he's a "team player" and if he gets fired for his actions, the Jets will give him a good recommendation so he can be hired by someone else.

That's the problem.  Nothing went through my head [when I decided to try to injure Carroll].  I wasn't thinking.

INTERPRETATION:  An attempt at self-deprecation.  An extremely poor attempt, at that.

I talked to him [Carroll] last night.  During the game I felt as if . . . let cooler heads prevail.  Those guys [Dolphins] were upset and rightfully so.  I immediately thought, going into the locker to get my head together and figure out what the next step would be. 

INTERPRETATION:  Yeah, let cooler heads prevail because if the Dolphins had retaliated, they would have gotten fined and suspended.  All Alosi had to do was remain calm, get his head together and wait for the mainstream media to "do what it does" . . . co-sign for him.

I have not been in contact with the league . . . Whatever those disciplinary actions are, I am willing to accept them.

INTERPRETATION:  Actually it's my world.  As a strength and conditioning coach I have the power to make plays on the field, even though I'm not actually in uniform.  That said, I don't actually have to accept the NFL's disciplinary actions but since I'm such a nice guy, I will "allow" the NFL to punish me.

Rod you're asking for me to give you a logical explanation for an illogical act.  I can't do that.  I can't explain it.  

INTERPRETATION:  Alosi appears somewhat perturbed by the constant questions about his actions.  He was nice of enough to hold a press conference to explain himself, which he didn't have to do.  Besides, isn't this the part where the media starts co-signing for him like they did for Hout and Roethlisberger?  The least they could do is read their script prior to the press conference.

[What have the last 18 hours have been like for you?] It's been terrible . . . its been horrible . . . what I put my family through, what I put our organization through.  I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

INTERPRETATION:  It's been terrible . . . all the questions, all of the media scrutiny.  But it's going to get a lot better once you guys start co-signing for me.

[Did you offer to resign?]  No.

INTERPRETATION:  What kind of question is that?







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