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Years ago when Kobe Bryant was caught up in some drama out in Colorado, he did a press conference with the media to give an update on legal proceedings and reiterate his innocence.  During the press conference Kobe made the following statement that seemingly had nothing to do with his "situation"

Shaq did [it] too . . . I should have done like Shaq.  He's paid over $1 million to women [so they would keep quiet about transactions between consenting adults which we can't mention on this site]. 

Meanwhile, Shaq and his wife were sitting at home minding their own business and Kobe, like a child, was determined not to take his beating alone and that Shaq was gonna "get his too."  Dude broke over 500 codes of the street with comments and O'neal blamed him for the eventual break-up of his marriage. 

I always felt a certain way about dude . . . (i) as an 18 year old rookie he shot a last second airball against Utah in the play-offs instead of getting the ball to Shaq, the team leader and "go-to" guy, (ii) constantly beefing with Shaq while peers like Iverson, Ray Allen, and Vince Carter had to carry a higher workload and received less play-off shine, and (iii) the constant whining to the officials.  But throwing Shaq under the bus pretty much sealed it.  Fast forward . . . now the Lakers get swept by the Dallas Mavericks and show the worst sportsmanship since the Isiah-led Detroit Pistons were toppled by the Bulls.  Down by over 30 points in game 4, Lamar Odom gets ejected for a flagrant elbow to Dirk Nowitski.  And just minutes later, Andrew Bynum goes all "Jack Tatum" on J.J. Barea, the smallest guy on the court.  Everybody was in a state of shock, but with Kobe as the team leader what else would you expect.  Keep reading for the video.



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