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INTERPRETATION: Isiah Doesn't Think Lebron Good Enough to "Hate on." However, in six years . . . PDF Print E-mail

"Jordan Rules" in effect
While Scottie Pippen thinks Lebron James is the greatest basketball player of all time, former Knicks coach and Pistons great, Isiah Thomas, disagrees.  Thomas recently appeared on the ESPN radio and commented on where Lebron ranks relative to Michael Jordan.  It takes a keen mind and a high basketball IQ to interpret what they guys are really saying sometimes to the Shock Exchange took the liberty to "interpret" Thomas' comments below:  

“I think LeBron has a chance to eclipse Jordan if he continues to improve his game, but where they are right now, you still have to take Jordan as being the better player . . . ” 

INTERPRETATION:  I hate Michael Jordan.  I hated him because not only was he a better player than me, made more money than me, but he also had his own shoe.  How dare he?  Nike never gave me a shoe so how is some hot shot rookie gonna come in here [NBA] with his own shoe before me?  There will neva eva (and forever's a very long time) be another player as good as Jordan . . . in this lifetime or the next.  For me to even imply such, illustrates that I am still jealous of Mike.


“Now, six years from now, if LeBron continues to add different facets to his game, then maybe you can have that argument and you can have that debate."

INTERPRETATION:  Six years from now if Lebron does surpass Jordan, Magic Johnson and I can freeze him out at the NBA All-Star Game just like we did Mike at the '85 All-Star Game . . . hee hee . . . (Beyonce Voice) it'll suck to be you in six yearrrrs.

“Right now, Jordan was such a complete player on both ends, he was a great foul shooter, he turned into a 3-point shooter, he had mid-range game, he had low-post game, he was a lock-down defender and LeBron is getting to that in all those areas."

INTERPRETATION:  This is the"Jedi Mind Trick"  . . . Compliment Jordan to give the impression that I'm not a "hater", then I set him up for the diss. 

"Now, he hasn’t gotten there yet and we don’t know if he will get there. But if he does get there, he will probably only be equal to, I don’t know if he can ever be better.”

INTERPRETATION:  If or when that time comes, I will start hating Lebron then.  I will then get together with other "haters" in the league and implement the "Jordan Rules" on Lebron . . . You know where you intentional try to injure Lebron under the "guise" of phyiscal defense as explained here >>  http://clicky.me/5V6k .


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