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new york shock exchange
new york shock exchange

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I personally don't have a problem with guys who talk a lot, as long as they can back it up.  If people didn't like T.O.'s end zone celebrations then they should have kept him out of the end zone.  Floyd Mayweather talks nonstop, but he has won big fight after big fight, at several different weight classes.  My one pet peeve, however, is guys who talk and can't produce.  Which brings me to Serge Ibaka.  Before game four of the NBA Finals, Ibaka was quoted as saying "Lebron is not a good defender.  He can play defense for 2-3 minutes but not 48 minutes.  Lebron cannot play (Durant) one-on-one."  In game five with 17 seconds left and OKC down by three points, Ibaka gets completely outhustled by Shane Battier that seals the victory for the Heat.  Like we used to say back in the day, "Either put up or shut."


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