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Maximum effort in the club?
Andray Blatche, the so-called "phenom," continued the leap from high school to the pros when the Washington Wizards selected him in the 2nd round of the 2005 NBA draft out of the South Kent School.  However, Blatche has had a relatively underwhelming NBA career; over six years he has averaged 9.9 PPG and 5.4 rebounds/game, while shooting 45.7% from the field.  Coming off the 2010-2011 season where he averaged a dismal 8.5 ppg at a 38% clip, the Wizards "amnestied" Blatche - agreeing to pay the remaining $23 million of his contract to have him go pound the "proverbial sand."  According to who caught of with Blatche after receiving his walking papers, Blatche summed up with time in DC as follows:

" I apologize for the effort I gave out there ... it wasn't enough."

But all is not lost.  Blatche may have a Wall Street career in his future.  The Street is the perfect place for people who consistently underachieve, lose billions of dollars and then get bailed out.  As SHOCK EXCHANGE How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead points out, all they have to do is apologize and appear contrite and all is forgiven.  Consider the contrition of the following Wall Street titans:

 "Credit was free and you were paid to take risk.  What we've learned is that 30 and 40 times leverage is a mistake."  - John Mack, CEO Morgan Stanley

"We participated in things that were clearly wrong and have reason to regret.  We apologize." - Lloyd Blankfein, CEO Goldman Sachs

"I'm sorry.  I take full responsibility for what happened." - Dick Fuld, CEO Lehman Brothers 


Where to buy the book:

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 St. Marks Bookshop: (212-260-7853) , located 31 3rd Avenue, New York, NY

Word: (718-383-0096) , 126 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Greenlight Bookstore: (718-246-0200)

Hampden-Sydney College Bookstore: , item number: 38561. Or call Mr. Baker at 917-697-8168 or Jason Huskey at 434-223-6117.

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