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new york shock exchange

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Pau Gasol's Starting Role in Jeopardy? PDF Print E-mail
So far it has been a tumultuous year for the L.A. Lakers.  After trading center Andrew Bynum and bringing Dwight Howard from the Magic, experts all but handed the chip to the Lakers.  However, L.A. has gotten off to a horrendous 9-11 start, ranking them 11th out of 15 teams in the Western Conference. Since, coach Mike Brown has been shuttered for Mike D'Antoni and power forward Pau Gasol has been the subject of trade rumors . Gasol's personal performance has not been much to write home about either; he his averaging 12.6 ppg and shooting 42% from the field - both career lows.  He also only gets about 12 shot attempts per game, another sign of disrespect for the highly skilled big man. Just a few years ago Pau was one-half of the best front court (including Bynum) in the NBA, leading L.A. to two NBA titles.  But the ignominy does not stop there; he has missed a few games with tendinitis in his knee, and Lakers top brass is contemplating benching the big man when he returns.  According to the L.A. Times, The Lakers are debating whether to bring Pau Gasol off the bench when he returns from knee tendinitis, said a person familiar with the team's thinking. Gasol has struggled mightily this season, averaging 12.6 points and shooting only 42%, both career lows. The Lakers are trying to decide how a demotion to the bench would affect Gasol. If they determined it would be adverse, they'd keep him in the starting lineup.

In the much-anticipated book, SHOCK EXCHANGE ... How Inner-City Kids Predicted The Great Recession And The Pain Ahead, the Shock Exchange breaks down the college game, the NBA and the necessary changes to improve the product.

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