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new york shock exchange
new york shock exchange

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Tyreke Evans - A Book Review That Matters PDF Print E-mail

By the time I started the New York Shock Exchange in '06, Tyreke Evans was already an urban legend. He had led his AAU team, the Reebok Raiders, to the 14U National Championship over Korie Lucious' AAU squad, scored 27 points against future pro, Luol Deng, and was considered one of the top five freshmen in the country. I had heard the stories of how his older brother tied his right hand behind his back in order to force Tyreke to shoot and dribble with his off hand. I then had the opportunity to see his crazy handle and one-on-one skills up close as he went at the likes of Kemba Walker, Lance Stephenson and Jrue Holiday at the 2008 Boost Mobile Elite 24 Hoops Classic at the Rucker all up in Harlem. After putting in a year of work for the Memphis Tigers, Evans entered the 2009 NBA draft and now plays for the Sacramento Kings. Two weeks ago, I was leaving BookExpo America where I had my new book, "Shock Exchange How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead", on display, when I looked up from 5th Avenue and saw what had to have been either Tyreke or a young Michael Ray Richardson. I immediately called out to him and shoved my book into his hand. My man grabbed the book and said "Thank-you" without even breaking stride.

"Shock Exchange" has been recommended by Library Journal and Midwest Book Review, but a co-sign from a pro ball player with millions of fans like Evans, could be just almost as big. I haven't heard back from him about the book yet, but am awaiting his reaction with bated breath. For those interested in the "pain ahead" for the U.S. economy and the stock market, or the cut-throat world of New York City grassroots basketball, "Shock Exchange" is a must read. Peep the video of Evans at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 all up in Harlem:





Where to Buy:

Shock Exchange is available electronically through Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Amazon (Kindle), iTunes, etc. The print version is available through the following retailers and bookstores:  

Print Version: 

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/

Barnes & Noble online www.Barnesandnoble.com

Alibris  www.alibris.com

St. Marks Bookshop: (212-260-7853) http://www.stmarksbookshop.com/ , located 31 3rd Avenue, New York, NY

Hampden-Sydney College Bookstore: http://cougar.hsc.edu/cgi-bin/main_inv.exe , item number: 38561. Or call Jason Huskey at 434-223-6117.

Call Mr. Baker Directly: 917-697-8168.


Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library 

Bortz Library - Hampden-Sydney College 

Darden Business School - University of Virginia

Cleveland Public Library

SUNY - Buffalo

SUNY - Albany

Longwood University

Alexandria Library

Florida A&M University

Los Angeles Public Library

Virginia Union University

San Francisco Public Library

Medgar Evers College

LaGuardia Community College

Robert W. Woodruff Library - Atlanta University Center

Albright Memorial Library - Scranton, PA 

Stark County District Library

Ford Library at Duke Fuqua School of Business

Virginia Tech

College of Staten Island

Bernards Township - NJ

Jackson District Library - Michigan


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